Acoustic Minds
Location: Portland, OR, USA
Description: Triple Threat Harmonies Mixed with Soul, Jazz and sweet Acoustic Rock
Biography: Acoustic Minds, much like their home town of Portland, Oregon, is a melting pot for everything that makes music worth while. By combining pop, folk, blues, rock and a fusion of tight vocal harmonies, they have created a sound that isn’t as easy to describe as it is to understand.

“This is good music. Filling music. When you’re right, you’re right.” Kirk Duncan (singer/songwriter)

"Amazing Harmonies, one of the best vocal blends in town.." Jim Brunberg (SF's "Box Set" & owner "Mississippi Studios")

"Good sound...raw, complex & vibrant...Hope the very best for you!" Darren Jacobs (Portland Fan/First American Title)

Acoustic Minds formed in Jan of 2002 and releases their 2nd album recorded Live @ Portland's finest listening acoustic room "Mississippi Studios". The 13 track album is a perfect treat for this young 5 pieces second time around with a powerful focus on the raw live experience of their shows.

Not too many bells and whistles and yet you still hear the passion and fire behind this group.

Recorded as a 6 piece from a live performance in December of 2005 you can hear traces of folk, jazz and soul. Known for their 2-3 part harmonies, you can bet this experience isnt one you will forget. Take a listen and enjoy ~ And check out their webiste for what is happening in the Acoustic Minds musical world. Many shows for this year are already booked and if you like what you hear you can contact to schedule booking. Thanks for listening and let us know if you like the allbum. xxo

Love to you ~ Acoustic Minds

here's a little more info:

They began as a three-piece: two voices in perfect harmony and one acoustic guitar. But have since evolved into a finely-tuned group of six: Nathan Milton (acoustic guitar/vocals), Mel Cooper (lead guitar/vocals), Franklin Gallwas (percussion), new member Nathan Carver (bass) and the before mentioned Amanda and Jenni Price (vocals/creating goose bumps). They have recently returned from a 37 state, 59 city, 80 gig tour in support of their newly released, full-length album Time. Tour highlight FOR ALL: the opportunity to play real good music for real good people all across the country.

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