Location: Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A
Description: Powerfully melodic vocals, heavy groove driven guitar, infectious bass & unrelenting drums to create a unique soundscape.
Biography: Guitars that go from angry, menacing, lightning fast, & crunchy, to flowing, ethereal, blues influenced riffs combined with female vocals that are powerful, angry, sweet, sexy and angelic- Ailanthus. Rutgers music business major/guitar teacher/guts cofounder Chris Carratello with vocal teacher, The Nameless Lead Singer/writer Maria V join together in a musical chemistry that is beyond special. A sound that pulls you in, rips you up and spits you out. Songs that make you yell, scream, cry, & fuck-sometimes all at once. This is Ailanthus. Songs that you remember. Ailanthus stands out amongst the vast array of bands - they have a sound that is truly unique-it grabs people, makes them realize that music can still kick ass & mean something. Forget cookie cutter pop clones. Their combined influences encompass various genres from metal, rock, grunge, death metal, doom metal, hardcore, industrial, darkwave, blues, jazz, and more. Notable bands for them include Cannibal Corpse, Neurosis, Mortuary, Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion, Alice in Chains, Tapping the Vein, Soundgarden, Switchblade Symphony, &The Gathering. Maria V & Chris Carratello met through a mutual friend in June of 2004. Together they wrote & recorded Still Breathing, which is a fan favorite to this day. They werent formally in a band together at that time and despite their chemistry, they had a lot going on and lost touch. In August of 2005 Maria was in a new band called Ailanthus. They were in need of a co-writer for Maria to work with as well as a guitar player. Chris clicked amazingly with the Ailanthus sound. Ailanthus has been working hard since then to write great music, gain a loyal following, and get their music out there. They will take this as far as possible. They eat, sleep & dream music.
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