Location: Modesto, California, USA
Description: Captivating and breezy vocals, stylish beats and a delivery that shows a personality all her own... She's Amiena
Biography: As musical beginnings go Amiena started out her musical career by listening then, at the age of five, she ventured into her first solo performance. Thereafter, she pursued her musical passion through vocal competitions, gigs, performances and, humanitarian causes. Although she's lent her voice to several musical compilation projects, Amiena never pursued the opportunity to work on a solo project of her own. Through the years her passion for music remained, but her career as a vocalist took a back seat while pursing ambitions in the legal world. Like many vocalists, she complemented her alternative career with writing, performing and entertaining on the weekends. In 2000, Amiena was asked to submit a song for a cable TV show. Unfortunately, like most Hollywood stories go; despite the song being completed- it never aired and now sits somewhere in her collection of CD's. Despite the 'shelving' of that song, that experience prompted Amiena to re-explore her musical passion again. In early 2005, her musical endeavors began to 'flow' and she joined forces with her Producer and Co-Writer, Rocky. Together, their work has resulted in Amiena's first solo CD, 'Right Here' released on April 27, 2006. So as musical stories go... 'Right Here' will symbolize how Amiena's career will develop. Given her introduction, grounding and eclectic style in music, perhaps the only certainty is it that it will be part of musical 'futures'.
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