Asia Mei
Location: Boston, MA, USA
Description: piano driven rock singer/songwriter
Biography: THE STORY

Asia (pronouced ah-sya) Mei was born in Russia in a town called Ribinsk, close to Moscow. At the age of 7 her family decided to move to Israel. Asia, already dedicated to music, decided she would stay with her aunt because she refused to miss her music lessons. After being convinced by her parents that Israel had music lessons too, her family moved to Jerusalem. Asia studied classical piano, composition, and theory for 10 years in Jerusalem’s Music Conservatory, and was also a member of the Classical Choir. Growing up in Jerusalem played a huge role in developing the dark side to Asia. That dark is apparent in her lyrics and her captivating, moody melodies. Asia arrived in Boston at 17 to study at Berklee College of Music. She absorbed all that she learned with all she had known to create her own unique style. Now, 4 years, a college degree, an orchestra recording, and hundreds of gigs later, Asia is playing around Boston and New York, working as a freelance writer, producer, and arranger. She is also a session pianist and vocalist. Her debut CD "shards" is to be released in May of 2006.


Asia combines her abilities as a classical pianist with her love for rock and blues as well as other worldly and exotic influences such as middle-eastern music. Well comparable to other piano playing women such as Tori Amos, Fiona Apple and Norah Jones, Asia’s influences are more rooted in guitar driven music a’ la Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, the blues, and the Israeli rock band Hayehudim (the jews). Well her dark piano driven melodies have found wide-spread appeal, her music has received greatest praise from fans of Coldplay, Keane, Doves, Radiohead, Queen, Dresden Dolls, and Muse, one of Asia’s personal favorites. Her debut CD "Shards" is a perfect blend of sounds, mood, and melodies that expose Asia's different sides while revealing her one unique style.

“Her piano playing is superb, today’s music industry needs more progressive music like this. She can really play.”- Francis Rolls, independent producer and pianist.

"beautifully well done and impressive" - grammy winning producer F.Berman

"mature beyond her years"- Tony Porter, producer/engineer on “Shards”

Press Release:

Asia Mei,, 617-416-6999

Asia Mei's debut CD "Shards" is out!!

Boston, May 2006. Asia Mei's "Shards" is now released and avaliable for sale online!

“Shards” is the anticipated debut album from Boston based pianist/singer/songwriter Asia Mei. “Shards” is classically-inspired melodic piano driven music at its finest. “Misery,” the opening track, kicks right in with a captivating, almost hypnotic piano riff backed by full band that immediately pulls the listener into Asia’s dark and complex world of melody and music. Asia’s lyrics are blunt, raw, and honest, as seen in “Missing You,” the album’s prospective single (“Without you I’m half dead”). Asia’s music is progressive rock with little hints of jazz(as seen in “Cruel Little World”) and blues(as seen in “The Ocean Sang The Blues”). Asia’s intricate classically driven piano is complemented by the sharp, bluesy and at times experimental guitar work of Andres Wilson, Asia’s guitarist. Although one’s first impression may compare Asia to Tori Amos or Fiona Apple, Asia considers the music of Jimi Hendrix and Metallica a much larger inspiration on her music. Asia’s piano-driven rock sits best with fans of Coldplay, Keane, Doves, Radiohead, Queen, Dresden Dolls, and Asia’s personal favorite, Muse. “Shards” is a brilliant and powerful debut that touches base with all of Asia’s music inspirations.

Asia Mei, a Russian born Isareli, had studied classical music for 10 years in Jerusalem and found herself living in the states to attend Berklee College of Music at age 17. Her diverse background and travels have molded her into the songwriter she is today.

Stand out tracks include: “Misery,” “The Ocean Sang The Blues,” “Girl” and “Missing You”