Location: Oshkosh, WI, USA
Description: A Sudden Loss of Control
Biography: Atticus is a project formed by the members of the Shattercell project. With four years of performing experience, Atticus has a wide range of emotions and energy levels. Techno/hip hop rhythms and groove oriented rhythmic bass lines are the emphasis of this project surrounded by ambient effects, electronic wave-forms, raw distorted guitar lines, and chunky piano chords. Adam DeHaven is the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter with heart on the sleeve lyrics and a live sound that loses nothing in comparison to the album. Shanna Teresinski is the keyboardist. She works the sequencers and beat boxes to add layers of sound to the project. Atticus has a complete set of professional gear and can fit virtually any size stage with some planning. This project was written to get people moving and keep the energy of the crowd high the whole night with a very unique sound you can't get anywhere else.
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