Big Lo
Location: Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Description: "This is true rider music in the tradition of Paris , Ice Cube , P.E , early 2-Pac ,and Lakim Shabazz."
Biography: Florida native, Big Lo, aka Frankie Midas, is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after emcees and producers in the Hip-Hop world. Known for his witty, thought provoking lyrics, head-nodding beats, and strong stage presence, Big Lo is sure to move a crowd. Influenced by artists ranging from the Wu-Tang clan to the 101 Strings Orchestra, Big Lo is taking the road less traveled by providing his audience something that Hip-Hop has been missing since it's Golden Era: originality and creativity. Big Lo's musical content is very diverse and is known to be fun, grimy, and socially conscious. In the past, Big Lo has been featured on a score of mixtapes and compilations; most notably "Guerillas In The Mixx Vol. 1" which also featured Hip-Hop legends including Public Enemy, The Coup, & Afrika of the Jungle Brothers. Big Lo also released his debut album "Where Am I Going?" which created an even larger buzz, received 4.5 out of 5 stars on and was noted as a "Darn good album" in Synthesis magazine. Furthermore, Big Lo receives extensive airplay on radio stations across the globe (United States, Belgium, Canada, and Australia) as well as on various internet radio stations. It is now 2006 and Big Lo has big moves planned for himself. Big Lo is currently working on his sophomore opus, "The Body Snatcher" which also features underground heavyweights - Vast Aire, Jade Foxx, and Tonedeff. In addition, he is working on two new mixtapes: "The Olive Branch And The Gun" and "Track Terrorism" with Alkota as well as putting together his "Where Am I Going?" tour. 2006 is a promising year for Big Lo and Hip-Hop in general, don't sleep!
Press Release:

Big Lo "Where Am I Going?" (originally released October 2005)

Where Am I Going?is Big Lo's hard hitting debut solo album that is serving up a fifteen (15) track gourmet buffet of some of the most tantalizing, appetizing, and delicious bits fans can't wait to indulge. Big Lo shines as an MC and a producer on the set. This is an undiscovered and refreshing album that fans need to tune into. Disappointment will surely be in the dreams of those cats that nap on this piece.

Big Lo's previous appearances include WKAF Radio (Mixtape/Kill-A-Foe Records), Kill-A-Foe $h!t (Mixtape/Kill-A-Foe Records), From Nowhere (Mixtape/Kill-A-Foe Records), RedRum Radio (Mixtape/Kill-A-Foe Records), The Game Is To Be Sold & Told (Mixtape/Dub City Records), Guerillas In Tha Mixx Vol. 1(Compilation/Backbone Records) Shadowyze (Album/Backbone Records), the intro for "The Essence" on WAMF 90.5 in Tallahassee.

Usually introductions on albums only act as an annoyance for fans as they sometimes make fans wait minutes to hear the first of the full length tracks that drove them to purchase the album; however, in particular of this album, the introduction is more than a creative notch, it's a inspiring preparation for the storm of hot music fans are about to be scorched with. The first full length track is entitled That Dude. That Dudedelivers fans an exceptional piece of music that satisfies the most remote cravings. The beat and lyrics (parallel to the rest of the albums tracks) are hot, creative, intense, refreshing, head-nodding, and powerful. The album continues with an assortment of well flavored tracks. The most notable tracks include Snatched, The State of Hip Hop, Where Am I Going?, Take A Stand, and Alphabet Soup; the leader of the pack being Snatched. Snatchedis a brilliantly produced track featuring the most intensely flavored beat you've never heard, and some of the most exciting, explosive, and witty lyrics that are sure to captivate your mind, and shatter your ears. The least appreciated track featured on the album is I Met Miss Mary. The track is far too abrasive, distorted, and creative for most fans to get, and, or appreciate. Most fans will do the unthinkable and hit skip (not something desired). The acoustical joints add a creative value, but they also take listeners out of the music for a hot minute, and again force a cry for help induced by a need to hit skip.

Big Lo's lyrics are well written, delivered, and very witty. Big Lo as a song writer is equally as strong as he is a lyricist, and producer. In these days where MC's are so much more, Big Lo leads by example. Big Lo's delivery is flawless, as he consists of the right mix of elements to dazzle fans with punctuation, technique, and flow. His vocals are more dynamic than a room full of lesbians playing twister while having group sex.

Friends on the album include Indya (famous for her work on My Booby the Ghost Town DJ's). Indya has one of the loveliest, most soothing, and sexy voices that will ever bless ears. Indya is extremely talented, and she adds positively to the overall appeal of the album. The Way You Make Me Feelis a hot joint that features Big Lo, and Indya in one of he best duets put together to grace an album. Production credits other than those accredited to Big Lo include DJ Sadhu (Neatherlands), DaShin (Neatherlands), Kantig (Germany), Big Huskee (Harlem, NY), and Alkota (Alaska).

The album artwork is well put together. So-Lo Productions deserves an enormous amount of credit for representing the music lovely through a strong presentation. The beats, lyrics, and production are top notch quality. Critics are silenced with nothing to critique in these areas.

Big Lo is making noise, and will continue to become recognized for his undisputable talents as an MC, and producer.Where Am I Going?is a meaningful, intense, inspirational album that is jam packed with essential listening material. This is a key-stone release that any fan who loves great hip hop music needs in their collection, and deck. - (review from