Billie Burke Estate
Location: Seattle, WA, United States
Description: 1. smart songs for grown-ups 2. honest and intelligent piano-driven pop that's as clever as it is catchy 3. '70s inspired warmth with a 21st century edge
Biography: Billie Burke Estate plays smart songs for grown-ups. Think of an upbeat Randy Newman, a mature Ben Folds, a secular Cat Stevens. The brainchild of Seattle multi-instrumentalist Andy Liotta, BBE combines the warmth and soulfulness of the early 70s with a modern lyrical sense that is literate and courageous. Billie Burke Estate has just released its debut, Give It All Away, a collection of songs that balances clever and provocative songwriting with tight and groovy arrangements. Each cut is topped off with Liottas distinctive vocals, strong but empathetic, vulnerable yet assured, and the twelve well-paced tracks come together into an album that's compulsively easy to listen to from start to finish. Whether its the affirmation of Gayor the pain and searing honesty of Jenny Ran Awayor the light-hearted tenderness of "Look What You Done," the music is consistently engaging and catchy. Although the first album for Billie Burke Estate, Give It All Away shows a musical focus and clarity of vision that Liotta honed over twenty years of writing and performing his own songs. He spent the late 80s and most of the 90s fronting two notorious SF Bay Area power trios, SmokinRhythm Prawns (87 to 92) and Walrus (93 to 98). With over 500 shows between the two units, and sharing the stage with the likes of Green Day, Primus, Counting Crows, fIREHOSE, and Blues Traveler, Liotta became a ferocious performer, juggling intricate bass lines with powerful vocals and making it look easy. When the Walrus era came to a close, Liotta moved to the Northwest and decided to go it alone. Volume and distortion no longer a shield, he began crafting lyrics and melodies that were more intimate, inspired by the beauty of Pet Sounds and the passion of the early Beatles solo albums. With a used 8-track as the foundation, Liotta created a one-man band, layering piano, bass, guitar, vocals and drums to construct a unique flavor of brainy pop. He dubbed the project Billie Burke Estateafter the late actresshome, which hosted winter sledding and summer carnivals during his youth in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. The sound of Billie Burke Estate has been developed and crafted over the past seven years, building toward the ultimate goal of a full-blown release; and after five demo albums and over seventy songs committed to tape and hard drive, the time was finally right. Liotta teamed with longtime friend and LA instrumental whiz Zak Schaffer, who produced and contributed the solid backbeat. They worked fast, recording, mixing, and mastering in just over four weeks in the fall of 2005, mostly in Liottas basement. The final product showcases top-quality musicianship, intelligent and compassionate songwriting, all captured with the energy and enthusiasm of a longtime dream come true. And now Liotta is taking this energy and enthusiasm to the people, performing solo in venues in and around Seattle. The live set is intimate and powerful, offering a unique sense of humor and insight. Inspired by the past, but set firmly in the present, Billie Burke Estate will remind listeners of a time when music mattered.
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