The Bleeder Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Description: A 3-piece band from San Francisco delivering sexy, provocative and heavy grooves, The Bleeder Project reaches out to those who fight for who they are. For more details, please visit our official band website
Biography: From out of the seedy sex clubs, dive bars, and harsh realities of San Francisco's Tenderloin district, crawls Gabriel Scott's new bastard brainchild, The Bleeder Project. Blending social, spiritual and sexual themes with Scott's own unique style of electronic rock. The new music is dynamic, evocative and speaks to a broad and diverse audience with a modern sensibility and effectively eliminates the lines between DJ culture and Rock and Roll. "The Bleeder Project ushers in a caustic wave of electronic rock that ignites the mind and washes truth over the soul." With the forthcoming release of the new album, "The systematic subversion of fear and insecurity", Co-Produced by Scott and former band mate and collaborator, Mike Smith (Limp Bizkit, Snot). The Bleeder Project has already begun touring in support, with live performances that have been described by fans as being "like a protest march at a rave with BT, Prince, and NIN on the main stage all at once!" Early promotion for the new CD has seen the group in recent TV appearances such as the Bay Area's "S.F. Sound" as well as radio programs like KDVS's radical radio show "the Fringe". The Bleeder Project features the music of Gabriel Scott, former front man of the internationally acclaimed metal band "Burning Orange". With whom he released the 2 most commercially successful of his various sonic explorations. After moving on, he released an experimental noise recording with Costelloe of Iinnion, followed by 2 solo acoustic Ep's that found him breaking new ground as a singer and songwriter as well as a lyricist. Building on that experience he then released his 1st 'solo' full-length CD. Which further continued his stylistic explorations by mixing the acoustics of his previous releases, a new found lust for electronics combined with ambient noise, and bitingly honest and personal lyricism mixed with heavy distorted guitars reminiscent of his earlier work. Citing a profound and life changing experience During a tour in Japan, while visiting the peace memorial museum in Hiroshima, the anti war movement and protests in SF, and the continued growth of the underlying depth of human awareness, the next natural step for Scott has become The Bleeder Project. Although written, recorded and produced by Scott, The Bleeder Projects live show features Bassist Rev. R.K. Krah. (An actual ordained minister). One of the true "road warriors" of the music industry. Rev. Krah has been on the road literally his whole life, and his music career has seen him working on numerous live and studio projects all over the country including the East Coast indie Goth/Glam/Punk band "Toy Oyster" (with Scott). And, Guitarist William Y, who found his only solace from the racial tensions and gang violence of his life in Tokyo, through his work with such cutting edge Japanese bands of recent years as "Lobless", "Acid head some rise" and "Japanese Babies" before relocating to SF. Along with the inclusion of a mysterious DJ persona know only as X-Face, running a varied array of electronic gadgetry, they form the fundamental foundation of the live band and one incredible live show. Combining an amazingly energetic and captivating performance with an undeniably infectious sound, the Bleeder Project is an electronic rock party experience that is as fun as it is sexy and as intelligent as it is talented. KDVS's "DJ Cariad" said it best, "great songs, amazing live, definitely, definitely see this band!"
Press Release:
"Combines dark dancable grooves, thick guitars, provocative lyrics and lush vocal melodies effortessly" -Indie Press "Calls to mind Bowie, Prince, NIN, yet retains a sound all it's own" -SF Guide to the Underground "Smart, sexy, and powerfull...a new breed of electronic rock" -New Rock Review