Location: PRALORMO, italy, Italy
Description: Cristiana Castello' s album "be proud" is an elegant and convinging pop-rock production with a euro-vibe in it.
Biography: Cristiana Castello is an Italian singer and songwriter.

She was born in the city of Turin, but she soon left her hometown to pursue her studies abroad. She studied as an interpreter in Geneva and subsequently went to New York where she obtained an MBA from Columbia Business School.

During those years she immersed in an international artistic milieu that fascinated and inspired her and made her elect English as her “emotional language”.

She had studied classic and jazz piano both in Turin and in Geneva and when she came back to Italy she started singing studies with Floriana D’andrea and M. De Grandys. In the year 2000 she met Italian composer and musician Alberto Fusco, with whom she started a fruitful artistic collaboration that resulted in a series of projects, of which the album “be Proud” is the first outcome. Cristiana has put to work her management skills in the production of this album for which she is the executive producer as well as the co-author of the music and the writer of the lyrics. The album was released in April 2006 under her own label.

Cristiana has a strong and contrasting personality that also pervades her songs. Her first album features four songs that represent a manifesto of self-recognition. Cristiana loves to paint, and her language reflects this strong figurative attitude, and is evocative and often metaphoric.

..“be proud” and “thin hair” are very similar in their motivation.Very often I have experienced a feeling of inadequacy and frailty whereas I knew that I needed strength and determination to go on. It is as if I was encouraging myself to be strong
“when you will come” is a meditation about death and this is very important to me..I believe that we should always carry with us the awareness of our temporary staying here on earth.I think this awareness can help us make more serious choices about our life and our destiny
In “darkness” I simply try to explain to those who love me that I cannot be moulded into one definite form... no one really can.. each person is an infinite being, a constantly changing infinite being

Cristiana has been singing live in the Turin area and has participated to various musical events in northern Italy, among which the Chierium Rock Festival in July 2005, where she definitely confirmed her artistic talent as well as her charismatic personality.
She is now devoting herself full-time to singing and song-writing, promoting herself and her music both in Italy and abroad as well as building her fan base.

Press Release:
“Be Proud” the debut album of Cristiana Castello has just been released. It will be distributed through all the major on-line digital distributors and it will be physically on sale at selected on-line music shops such as CD Baby as well as at the official site of the artist It is a self-produced four tracks album that despite the limited production budget shows high professionalism and musicianship as well as it puts into evidence the originality and the uniqueness of this talented artist.