Charles Alexander
Location: Durham, NC, USA
Description: Kats Records Recording Artist
Biography: The Charles Alexander Revue stayed around for over 15 years, with shows in over 125 cities in the southeast of the USA. Alexander toured with other large acts, and predawn shows in Durham, North Carolina on the NCCU Campus in the mid-70. He once traveled with lots of other recording artists. Charles Alexander Toured over seas for over two years, and was the only black artist to use a commercial record to enter White radio stations who would not play black records at that time in his local area. The Black Magic Band was the first band in the area to become housed by a black radio station "WAFR-FM" to play show live when all other band at that time was trying to make it in the nightclubs. Charles Alexander recording 'THE WORLD IS A GAME" and "WE GOT TO STAND TOGETHER" Became a hit in south, and he was a special guest at the rhythm 4 festival sponsored by WDUR radio station in Durham, North Carolina. "LOVE'S NOT THAT SIMPLE" and a hit over seas. He later came off the road and started working on a movie called "Instance Family". With time on his hand He worked on a TV Show for a local access channel for children called "KIDFEST, and also produced a TV show called Gospelfest For Children. You can visit their websites at:, and, and to see all the work this unknown artist have done. Charles and wife Katherine is the owners of KatCha Music Publisher (BMI), Central Power Records, and Kats Records. He has also produced a Hip Hop recording by his son Kenya Alexander who is also on the Kats label. The Five Main songs that put Charles back in the musical main stream is: *Songs highlighted are the most air played popular, and Audience Picked. *SOMETHING ELSE FU WORLD (CD Musical Video) WE GOT TO STAND TOGETHER (MUSICAL) THATS THE WAY IT IS *CRY ME MY TEAR *SANTA FE Get the chance to hear them, and get the album GOTCHAand enjoy them along with other great sounds.
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One of Charles songs is on Streaming Live From Chicago Radio Station.