Cold Warning
Location: Augusta, Maine, USA
Description: Through the blending of standard instrumentation with synthetic backdrops, Cold Warning delivers a unique style of music that can best be described as the beautification of isolation and barren landscapes through the manipulation of sound.

In the vein of such artists as The Boards of Canada, Front Line Assembly, Front 242, and Brian Eno, Cold Warning brings a fresh and original style of electronic, experimental-ambient music to the scene.

Combining organic instrumentation with original field recordings, synths and rhythms, Cold Warning, aka Trevor Brawn, brings together his experiences and emotions growing up in the eclectic, artistically and culturally diverse Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia during the 80's, where he was heavily influenced by the music of Gary Numan, Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel, and an ever growing list of others.

Cold Warning brings a style of composition and focus that undeniably links him to his early influences while simultaneously setting him apart. Continuous experimentation and manipulation of sound has seen his music appear in television programs such as the History Channel's "Beyond the Da Vinci Code," A & E's Biography, VH1 and selected programs on the Discovery Channel.

Press Release:
The new CD KSRM by Cold Warning is now available for purchase at CDBaby and downloadable at Napster, PayPlay and other selected download sites.