Collette Savard
Location: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Description: Collette Savard's debut recording features solid songwriting, catchy melodies, and engaging storytelling. Colored with captivating touches of mandolin, lap steel, and the harmonies of jazz, it is a unique blend of pop and traditional influences.
Biography: Born in North Bay, Ontario, Collette Savard was the youngest of five girls in a Franco-Ontarian family. At an early age, she started singing at home accompanied by her father on guitar. He had played music in the area since before she was born and familiarized her with the craft of songwriting and instilled in her the love of music. When Collette was fourteen her brother-in-law started to teach her enough chords to give her the ability to begin realizing her own songwriting ideas. Despite her limited knowledge and technique, she was soon developing her own style. After leaving college Collette began to further hone her skills as a songwriter. Her songs began to evolve away from her traditional roots and she started to develop an affinity for jazzier sounding harmonies combined with her pop-oriented sensibilities. Not long afterwards she met local musician John Zytaruk while the two were working in a local flower shop. It quickly became clear that they had very similar tastes in music. John, a classically trained guitarist who is also comfortable wielding a mandolin, banjo, or a lap steel, soon began to make a substantial contribution to Collette's sound. As a seamless duo, they immediately began playing together around the local music scene. Soon Collette moved to Toronto with John following shortly after so they could pursue their musical ambitions together. In addition to playing gigs in and around the city, they began work on Collette's debut CD "Most Improved Cheerleader." The title is inspired by an actual award she won in Junior High which always struck her as almost more of an insult than actual encouragement. Produced by John in their home studio, the album represents the culmination of everything Collette has learned about songwriting up to this point. Musically it is filled with a variety of rich chords and floating melodies, which transport the listener through a range of colors and emotions. Lyrically Collette takes her inspiration from a variety of sources found in the world around her. For example the song "Wrong number Ritchie" was written after an unusual phone conversation with a stranger. In contrast "Hanneli" takes its inspiration from "The Diary of Anne Frank." The album boasts contributions from several excellent players from the Toronto scene including jazz legend Guido Basso. "Most Improved Cheerleader" says in a nutshell what Collette has learned up to this point. If the journey of becoming a singer-songwriter was like high school, this album is her valedictorian speech.
Press Release:
It is with great pleasure that we announce to you the release of Collette Savard's debut recording Most Improved Cheerleader. This independent release introduces the world to a significant new songwriting talent. Collette's intelligent hooks, insightful lyrics and silky voice, coupled with the multi-instrumental stylings and production savvy of her partner and collaborator John Zytaruk, make for a startlingly refined debut effort. This unique recording features the contributions of several talented Canadian musicians, most notably, Juno award winning flugelhorn player, Guido Basso. An engaging collection of songs, Most Improved Cheerleader bridges many genres including pop, folk and jazz. Collette will certainly impress listeners with her smooth voice, creative musicianship and her ability to tell a story. "Most Improved Cheerleader" is without a doubt a true Canadian gem and heralds the arrival of a major new songwriter and performer. For more information on this album, Collette's live performances, or to obtain promotional copies please contact her via e-mail at or visit Collette's website at