Cutting Edge
Location: Tucson, AZ, USA
Description: IN TODAY'S MUSIC, when everyone's tired of the same old music, and ask for something new, CUTTING EDGE obliges by delivering that new sound.
Biography: Actually, CUTTING EDGE was born in Compton, California in the same studio that saw the birth of Dr. Dre, and World Class Wreckin' Cru. Of course, this a very strange beginning for a rock band. But then, maybe, that explains the CUTTING EDGE sound. Initially, David Pesnell was working on an album project with William Zimmerman (a songwriter / producer) for another group which was signed to a major label. But as luck would have, the group broke up in the middle of it all. To make a long story short, Pesnell and Zimmerman decided to go ahead with the project; but they needed help. The first step was convincing an up-and-coming songwriter/producer by the name of Leli to come on board and participate in the project. After a lot of discussion, Leli accepted the challenge and almost immediately wrote the songs "WITHOUT YOU" and "LOVE POLICE". Leli and Zimmerman collaborated on a number of songs for the album which included "IT"S TIME", "POWER AND GREED" and "ABUSE OF POWER". Reminiscent of the album concepts of the late 60's and early 70's, songs of political commentary (rebellion?) along a with a significant dose of "rock songs of love" pervade the album. The next step was finding a lead vocalist. Leli and Pesnell someone with a totally different style from what's in the current music market - someone who can powerfully deliver the rebellious Lyrics well. The search was over when they found their lead vocalist in Pesnell, who at the time was developing quite a following with his "chat-rock" style. At first, Pesnell was not sure of his vocal style; but once the producers (Leli/Zimmerman) began to incorporate his vocals into their songs, Pesnell became a believer. Pesnell potently powerful delivery on such songs as "IT'S TIME!", "JUDAS OF DC" & "IF THE WALLS COULD TALK (ON CAPITOL HILL)".
Press Release:
CUTTING EDGE - The band that brought you such hits as “Love Police” and “Every Time I Try” is back and better than ever with their latest hot single, “Body Talk.” Once again, the folks at Cutting Edge have sought out some of the biggest dance remixers in the land to lend their talents to what was already a kickin’ track, and produced a single of epic proportions! Included in the release is the original cut of “Body Talk” from the album “The Big 14 ‘n’ More,” the hot euro dance remix of “Body Talk” produced by Chris “The Greek” Panaghi, and Ricky Ric’s Latin flavored “T-Berry Shuffle” “Body Talk” remix.