Location: Knoxville, TN, USA
Description: Raw Punk Rock, Seventies Rock n Roll mixed with 80's metal and Southern Rock
Press Release:

The DIRTY WORKS one of the hardest working, hardest rocking bands of the South are headed to your city soon. Their Unique blend of Hardcore Old School Punk Rock, 80’s metal, and Southern rock is capturing the hearts of music lovers all over the south. The band is based out of Knoxville, TN as that's where they met and formed in the summer of 2004.

Because their diverse music comes from so many seemingly unrelated influences, from AC/DC, to The Ramones, Black Flag, and The Sex Pistols, to Molly Hatchet, old Lynard Skynard, hank Williams and Johnny Cash the band finds it difficult to categorize their own music.
They finally decided it is best described as hardcore Southern Punk Rock n Roll, and often genre’ it Southern Punk.

The chaotic, frenzied, and totally unplanned stage show quickly caught the eyes and ears of Worldstorm (arts lab) and Visual Luxury. Partner Video Production companies who have been filming The Band since the spring of 2005.

Worldstorm is best known for their work with Hip Hop Bands such as Usher, Arrested Development and P.Diddy. They are now taking the money earned from such corporate acts and sinking it into the Dirty Works Documentary. Worldstorm was even in the Studio for the recording of the Band’s Debut CD. Biscuits and Liquor was independently released May 5th of 2006. Distributed through CDBaby and Interpunk the album is doing quite well. However, most sales are at live shows. It’s as if when people catch the Dirty works live they want to take a piece of the band home.

The Dirty Works, piled in their 1987 Ford van are out to play every venue, bar, dive or cow patch that will allow their aggressive, obnoxious yet diversely talented brand of music. With Biscuits and Liquor proudly tucked in their belt, an ever changing, harder, tighter, louder and more aggressive show for every night the band plows through the South, Southeast, and now are starting to venture up the North. They make friends and fans all the way and their momentum is building. Soon they'll be in or around your city. Don’t miss them or the next time you see them could be on the big screen.

Worldstorm has tentative plans to release the documentary to select theaters and film festivals by spring 07’.