David Gregorisch
Webpage: http://davidgregorisch.com/
Location: pompano beach, FL, U.S.A
Description: Dissecting the Frog is a musical adventure in exploring the limits of music and the guitar itself. It's a combination of catchy melodies, intricate rhythms and terrifying guitar licks!
Biography: David Gregorisch has been on a life long musical journey. He said, "there isn't a time in my life that I don't remember hearing, listening, and enjoying music." David has always been a fan of the guitar and music featuring the guitar and thats what gave him the burning desire to play. He studied with local music teachers throughout his teen years until enrolling at Berklee College of Music where he studied with such notable teachers as Joe Stump, Jon Finn and Jim Kelly and graduated with a Bachelor of Music, 2003. Currently David Gregorisch is living in Pompano Beach Florida, teaching private guitar lessons and playing local gigs. He also has released his debut instrumental guitar recording, "Dissecting the Frog", under his own label, Hi-Gain Records.
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