Dennis Caraher
Location: northampton, ma, usa
Description: Americana - Deeply influenced by the loneliness and isolation of rural America, Caraher's music is bittersweet and affecting.
Biography: Dennis Caraher grew up on a farm in Iowa and now lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Press Release:
After recording two award-winning records for children, Dennis Caraher
has recently released a collection of songs for adults, "Radio Boy".
Although some of the songs are as good-natured as his previous material, most of the songs veer into the dark waters of loss and regret. These somber pieces are leavened by the occasional satirical stab at the seeming impossiblility of maintaining relationships.

"Radio Boy" is gaining a fan base in Europe. In Italy, Massimo Ferro of the American roots radio program "Highway 61" says that "'Radio Boy' is a stunning album".