Farrell D Rand
Webpage: http://www.farrelldrand.com
Location: Quesnel, BC, Canada
Description: country-pop style infuence heavily by 60's, 70's rock! A little Roy Orbison/Mavericks feel. Country meets surf music and a big Eagles influence!
Biography: Biography - Farrell D. Rand

FARRELL D RAND was born and raised in a little town outside of Vancouver, BC and currently resides in Quesnel, BC. With a new album on the horizon packed with carefully crafted country-pop songs laced with a blend of innovative lyrics, superb production, a hearty twang, depth and charm that only Rand can provide, he plans to take his nation by storm.

With roots based in country music, back in the early 90s Rand got his feet wet when he formed a unique 3-piece outfit called Country Classic, in which he enjoyed performing locally as well as at the Lac La Hache Country Music Festival. Soon after he was invited to front another successful band The Cadillacs who also had the opportunity to gig locally and play the Barlow Creek Country Music Festival. Both bands were a great step for Rand to learn the ropes and hone his skills as a lead vocalist and an entertainer. He later recorded a debut album of country covers, which received regional airplay and sparked his interest in delving into the world of original music.

Today Rand is forging a new musical path as a solo artist for the first time. Set to release EDGE OF A DREAM in June 2006, an album which he recorded with his friend --writer and producer Earl Green, Rand is excited about forming a new band and getting his music heard by as many people as he can reach. Each song is a journey inspired by lifelove, loss and the contemplation of what the future may bring.

Rand draws from a deep well of influences ranging from country artists Merle Haggard, Tracy Lawrence and early Conway Twitty to the magic of Elvis, The Beatles and even The Rolling Stones.

Rand's distinct country vocal style is honest, sensitive and strong. He has a unique ability to evoke emotion with every note he sings. He embraces the Nashville sound while fusing other elements of pop and rock, enabling him to step forward as a part of the new generation of country performers. Hes a modern day Merle Haggard who meets Roy Orbison back stage at a Dwight Yokum concert!

Completing this record has been my lifes dream,explains Rand. Being able to record original music and giving myself space to develop my own style has been really rewarding. The creative process can be very exciting, just to be able to hold something in my hands that I have created and know that it will be preserved in history is such a joy."

Edge of a Dream has achieved some pre-release success. The single DrivinTo Jamaicaaired on Jerry Macs Country Music Planet out of Nashville and Rand was interviewed with DJ Country Rose for the Inside Country Music Radio Show. Several other tunes from the album have also reached #1 and #2 spots on Soundclick.coms country-alternative charts.

Rand plans to engage new audiences as he graciously offers his new release to the world with his motivation, melodic hooks, powerful lyrical imagery, unbridled spirit and his own signature vocal style. He undoubtedly will be around for a long, long time.

Farrell D. Rand ~ 250 747 2302 ~
~ farrelldrand@shaw.ca ~ www.soundclick.com/farrelldrand

Press Release:
A year and a half in the making, soon to be released, lots of Eagles/Jackson Browne influence! Sort of a Roy Orbison meets Merle Haggard on some songs! Great guitar work, emotional vocals and strong lyrics! A well produced CD with 6 original songs and 4 cover songs! Check it out!