Frank Levin Composer
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Description: Morning to Midnight, a classical/popular crossover CD of piano music by Frank Levin performed by Scott Pratt.
Biography: Frank Levin is a contemporary composer of expressive, melodic piano music, songs, and small ensemble pieces. His published works include pieces published by Boston, Schaum and The Willis Music Companies, and two "fake books" published by Mel Bay. A CD of his piano music entitled Morning to Midnight, recorded by Scott Pratt, received high praise in Fanfare Magazine and has received extensive airplay on Canadian, American and Internet radio. The sophistocated classical/popular crossover style of his music makes for both engaging and relaxing listening. A second CD of piano music entitled San Francisco Souvenirs is scheduled for release in the summer of 2006. Levin was born in Ottawa, Canada into a family that included a number of artistic amateurs. He began piano lessons around the age of seven and writing music at the age of twelve after being inspired by the piano concertos of Rachmaninoff. At sixteen, Levin obtained his Grade Ten Piano Certificate from The Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, and later studied composition briefly with Frederick Karam. In the 1970s, Levin attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and took classes most notably in harmony, counterpoint and form and analysis with Dr. Sol Joseph. In the 1980s, he studied popular song writing with Gary Remal and jazz theory with Jim Grantham. Levin now makes his home in Vancouver, British Columbia. More information is available on his website, www.franklevincomposer,com including sound clips, photos, comprehensive reviews of his music and biographical information.
Press Release:
Frank Levin's CD of original piano music, Morning to Midnight performed by the consummate classical pianist, Scott Pratt has been released to wide acclaim. It has been praised in Fanfare Magazine and featured prominantly on Canadian, American and Internet radio.

The hour-long CD features the brilliant Morning to Midnight Suite, that traces the various moods of the day and by association, the human journey in it's five contrasting selections; the virtuosic knuckle breaker, Passion; several light-hearted San Francisco Souvenirs inspired by popular music; a series of impressionistic works based on the seasons; and finally a collection of intimate, often deeply moving retrospective pieces and elegies.

Levin's sophistocated classical/popular crossover style has proven appealing to listeners for both it's relaxing and engaging qualities. He has been described as a master miniaturist, brilliant melodist and twenty first century romantic, who composes music that stands up wonderfully to repeated listenings.

Morning to Midnight is available on Levin's website, and on the independent CD website,

A second CD of piano music, featuring over twenty more San Francisco Souvenirs, also performed by Scott Pratt is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2006. Check Levin's website for exact timeing and availability.