Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Description: It's like the Who inspires a guy from New Mexico, to write & play guitar like Townshend; sings like John Lennon, and ultimately sounds British.
Biography: The GLOWBARS are based in downtown Los Angeles; first live performance was in October, 2005. The new CD is “Car Chase.” Jim Abbott, the main GLOWBARS songwriter/singer/guitarist is from a desert area in New Mexico. The GLOWBARS music has retro rock influences of the Who, Beatles, Neil Young, Eric Clapton. New rock & roll with a classic sound. Clever bassist/singer, Matt McJunkins, is from Palm Springs, CA. Trends are ignored, the GLOWBARS main concept is great songwriting. Hard hitting drummer, Matt Oloffson, is from a small town in Illinois. Jim A’s music has been featured in the “Sheer Audacity” cable access TV show, including the theme song and other video backing tracks. Live video at
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