Gee Davey
Location: Melville, NY, U.S.A
Description: Strong, catchy riffs, with poignant lyrics
Biography: Alive with harmonious melodies and powerful orchestration, GEE DAVEY is fast becoming a force to reckon with... or at least, one to listen to. Formed from the remnants of local favorites like SUFFER FOOL, WITHOUT WARNING, NARCOTIC GYPSY and WORLD STRANGER , GEE DAVEY is comprised of Jack Bielata (Vocals), Michael Bontempi (Drums), Wayne Macgregor (Bass) and DJ Pearlman (Guitars/Vocals). Their sound is the result of their collective years of experience with both recording and producing kick-ass music. Their influences range from Foo Fighters to Train and Stone Temple Pilots to Fuel, but their sound is definitely all their own. It is a mix of hard rock and alternative stylings, blended with poignant lyrics and catchy riffs. GEE DAVEY is a powerhouse of potent new music whose songs will make you want to sing along.
Press Release:
With the release of their new album “Sparticle”, Gee Davey has shown that they have the goods to make great music over and over again. More polished now then for their debut release (Dear Theo) in 2003, the band has created a strong and poignant showing that roots itself in their catchy riffs and melodies that have become their signature style. “Sparticle” provides a deeper and edgier look into the lives of the band members. With their ability to paint the world around them into substantial lyrics that actually matter, the stories penned into "Sparticle" already seem familiar to the listener and tug you into the emotional psyche that is being opened up to you. The bands sophomore effort has already received interest from film and television resources looking to capture the up-front and ear-friendly stylings found on "Sparticle". It is the bands sound and style, and that immediate sense of immersion into the songs that has endeared Gee Davey to their fans ever since their debut, but it will be "Sparticle" that introduces them to the rest of the world.