Good For You
Location: Valencia, CA, USA
Description: GFY-Good For You is a Hard Rock Punk Band
Biography: GFY-Good For You is a Hard Rock Punk Band with great Lyrics, Messages and lots of distortion. The band was started in April, 2003 by Justin Randle, Sean Stoddard, and Ron Bott. All three band members are from the Saugus, California area and met while attending Saugus High School in the late 1990s. Justin Randle plays guitar and is the lead singer. Sean Stoddard is the drummer, and Ron Bott plays bass. For song samples from their new CD Alcohol & Rock n' Roll, and photos of the band, go to
Press Release:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 16, 2006 GFY-GOOD FOR YOU, a Hard Rock Punk Band from Santa Clarita, California has released their New CD called ALCOHOL & ROCK N’ ROLL Santa Clarita, CA- After several months in the Studio, GFY-GOOD FOR YOU has released their new LP CD called ALCOHOL & ROCK N’ ROLL with a full 16 tracks of hard rock songs with great lyrics, messages and lots of distortion. The album is named ALCOHOL & ROCK N’ ROLL because many of the songs were created from experiences with love, lust, breakups, relationships and the common denominator, alcohol. The CD starts out with 3 songs that transition one to the other without pause, INTRO starts THIS MISERY which starts H.O.R.B.A.G.S. (THIS MISERY ends on the same note as HORBAGS starts with). So besides listening to MP3s, you need to listen to the CD itself. The primary genre in this release is HARD ROCK PUNK. Songs like THIS MISERY, HORBAGS, HERE I STAND, COLD, COMMON SENSE, IN THE PIT and THE SICKNESS are all hard driving songs with lyrics that are angry and music that is loud, fast paced and always with distortion. Songs like PRETEND FRIENDS, DEEP, IT NEVER SHOWS, RIDE INTO THE SUN, THE ONLY ONE I NEED and THINGS YOU DO TO ME, are HARD ROCK with lyrics about relationships, love and lust. And finally, ANNIE’S SONG, a John Denver classic, has been transformed into a HARD ROCK song and, with a slight departure from some of the theme, TIJUANA is an acoustic story. This album was mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardener, at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Brian is a legend in the business and they call him Big Bass for a reason. Listen to the beginning of IN THE PIT and you’ll know what I mean. He made the whole album slam. For more information on the Band, including photos, gig dates, and complete song samples from all 16 songs on the album, go to Or contact me, Blair Randle, at, if you wish to get a copy of the album or have questions I can answer. # # #