Headless Cowboy
Webpage: http://www.misterchristopher.com
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Description: Mister Christopher is an independent artist specializing in dance/electronica music.
Biography: Mister Christopher developed his passion and sense of music through many years of dancing, both in clubs and on stage. As a professional Dancer/Choreographer he brings a highly kinetic since of rhythm to his original dance tracks which blend elements of Hip Hop, R&B, House, Trance, and Ambient styles. As a Chicago native he was deeply influenced by the Deep House, and Acid sound developed there in the late eighties/early nineties. He choreographs sound the way he does bodies in space so that people may see as well as hear his music.
Press Release:
For immediate Release: 5/20/06 Mister Christopher is proud to present "Headless Cowboy", an album of intoxicating rhythms, melodic soundscapes and thumping beats. Through smooth yet energetic dance music Headless Cowboy takes the listener on a ride through Mister Christopher's colorful & funky imagination. Each track conveys a different part of the Headless Cowboy story. Elements of Tribal house, Deep house, Eurohouse, Funk and Hip Hop come together on this exciting follow up album to Mister Christopher's debut CD Dance Alibi 1.0 available in the Dance section at indieartist411.com. Find Headless Cowboy at MisterChristopher.com