Hotel de Ville
Location: London, Greater London, UK
Description: Hotel de Ville: n. a place - cinematic and darkly seductive. Otherworldly voice and orchestral strings mix with downtempo beats and atmospheric reflection.
Biography: With the release of the collaborative compilation album These Wings Without Feathers featuring Brewer (Ronan Quays) and Lisa Gerrard in 1996, Brewer's music was introduced to an international audience. The Ebbing Wings of Wisdom, Brewer's soon to be re-released debut album, became an underground success story. Following extensive radio play on the BBC, the album led to Brewer scoring numerous films in Europe. For the creation of Hotel de Ville, Brewer retreated to his London studio for over a year, singularly developing the music.
Press Release:

SPILL MAGAZINE: “A cinematic element which would not be out of place in a dramatic indie film. Adventurous and stirring.” april 2006

AURALGASMS.COM: “an artistic journey ending just a few steps shy of a religious experience.” april 2006

hotel de ville

The Present: Inside Hotel de Ville, the rooms tell stories and the walls have ears. Cinematic and darkly seductive, Hotel de Ville is the musical vehicle of composer and vocalist Rhett Brewer. Taking inspiration from 60's French pop, operatic intrigue and film noir, Brewer has singularly constructed a shimmering emotional drama and 21st century vision. Bittersweet melodies blend with orchestral urgency and trance inducing beats. Brewer's intoxicating music always veers between overwhelming elation and desperate heartbreak. Imbued with a state of childlike wonder, Hotel de Ville is an exhilarating yet defiantly undefinable experience that quickens the pulse and inflames the senses. Despair, lonliness and bygone dreams are ever present in the mix, as are tenderness and hope. Retreating to the creative shell of his London studio for a year, Brewer has forged a hymn to life and love, which is equally avant-garde and traditional, acknowledging no boundaries. Hotel de Ville is quite a musical departure from previous work, in which Brewer mixes classical instrumentation and down-tempo percussion while re-mixing his own otherworldly voice. The result is an emotionally stirring and softly intense soundtrack for living.

The Past: Orchestra to Arab ensemble, Brewer's debut album The Ebbing Wings of Wisdom scaled the extremes. With the release of the collaborative album These Wings Without Feathers in 1996, which also includes music by Lisa Gerrard, Brewer began to experiment with using his own voice as an instrument.

In Brewer's case, the music came before the film. Since a strong cinematic quality has always permeated Brewer's music, his early recordings led to scoring feature films. His music has become increasingly in demand for films, with seven feature film scores under his belt in the past few years. From the atmospheric British thriller Every Picture about a secret love affair that ends in murder, to the controversial and apocalyptic American film The Lot, the emotional spectrum of his work is wide and the resonance deep. For a preview of The Lot:

As an 8-year old child, Brewer was hand picked as a soloist in a local New York Catholic school. The voice, in addition to piano, quickly became the preferred means of communication for him even from this early stage. A spiritual element has always infused Brewer's work, perhaps as a result of his initial musical development in a church. Early reference points for him included the Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance and David Bowie, though this was always tempered by a rampant addiction to classical music. Composers such as Arvo Part, Bach and Morricone have long since shared the shelf with groups such as Portishead, Tricky and the Gotan Project. With Hotel de Ville, the many faces of this spectrum have fused into another sound and aesthetic. Although Brewer has studied music extensively in a formal setting, he is largely self-taught. With Hotel de Ville, this has reached a new level, since Brewer has also recorded, arranged and mixed all of the music including his own vocals. To hear a preview:

Hotel de Ville is a culmination of years of development. Brewer says he named the album and project as a metaphor for life, since in both scenarios you check in and out. Brimming with otherworldly contemplation, grounding beats and soaring voice the album is a logical next chapter; ancient and modern, classical and pop, dream-like etherea and gut-wrenching sorrow rolled into one. Enjoy your stay!

Hotel de Ville will be released throughout the UK and on,, CD Baby and itunes amongst other retailers from May 1, 2006.