Jack Prybylski
Webpage: http://www.jackprybylski.com
Location: Cheektowaga, NY, U.S.A
Description: Contemporary, Smooth Jazz mixed with R&B and Motown featuring seven time BMA top saxophonist winner Jack Prybylski
Biography: Countless music lovers dream of a lifestyle totally dedicated to their passion. Jack Prybylski is one of those rare musicians whose talent, perseverance, and spirit have made that dreams a reality. As one of Western New York's premiere instrumental performers, Jack's career as an award-winning saxophone player has included eight full-length recordings, endorsements, world travel, the opportunity to work with some of the most respected names in Smooth Jazz, and not least of all, the chance to share his love of music as both a performer and a teacher. "It's real flattering when people enjoy what you do. Especially when it's your original compositions that are creating the audience's emotional response. I love performing live because you have the opportunity to connect with the audience on so many levels. It's such a rush!" Jack grew up in a suburb of Buffalo, New York and first got his hands on a saxophone when he was in the third grade. He was a dedicated student but also one who really appreciated and loved music, cutting his teeth on Chicago and the hot soul bands of the day like Earth, Wind and Fire - anything with horns in it. His musical explorations led from soul to jazz, and influential players like Tom Scott and David Sanborn. Jack decided on a career in music, graduating from the State University of New York at Buffalo with over a decade of playing experience under his belt in addition to credentials for teaching music. Over the years Jack has been fortunate enough to further study saxophone with renowned jazz players David Leibman, Tim Price, David Schaivone and, former Buffalo Philharmonic bass clarinetist/saxophonist Edward Yadzinski. As a recording artist, he has released seven albums with Buffalo-based eclectic jazz group Them Jazzbeards, including the soundtrack for the motion picture Shadow Creature. As a performer, Jack has shared the stage with many of the top names in contemporary jazz including Richard Elliott, David Sanborn, The Rippingtons, and Spyro Gyra, and has performed with the prestigious Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. He is a seven-time recipient of the Buffalo Music Awards top saxophonist award. In 2001 Jack released his solo debut Soho Strut, which produced the Internet radio single Mandalay Bay. Smoothjazz.com President Sandy Shore hailed the CD as "Filling in the cracks between modern jazz and Smooth Jazz... Soho Strut is packed full with great compositions, sophisticated arrangements, creative improvisation, and stellar musicianship." Window Shopping, Jack's latest solo CD, was released in early 2006, and employed the talents of acclaimed Smooth Jazz guitarist and producer Ken Navarro. A mutual friend was responsible for the creative pairing when she suggested Ken contact Jack for some ideas on Internet radio resources. A longtime admirer of Kens work, Jack was thrilled. The two had a real connection right away, and as Jack was beginning preliminary work on Window Shopping, he asked if Ken might be interested in contributing a song or making an appearance on the album. Ken was more than interested, and in addition to producing the CD, he provided all the guitar tracks as well as an original composition entitled "Bright Spot." "It was a great working with Ken on this project and drawing on his experience not only as a musician and producer, but also as a label owner and an icon in this genre for years," says Jack. The final product is a testament to some of the finest and freshest work coming out of the Smooth Jazz genre. Jack is currently endorsed by Yamaha saxophones, AMT microphones, and Saxrax saxophone stands. As an endorsee and clinician, he has performed clinics and concerts throughout the United States as well as Mexico and countries of the Pacific Rim. Look for Jack in clubs and on the summer Jazz festival circuit in 2006, supporting Window Shopping.
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