Joe Berry And The Berry Pickers
Location: Mauldin, South Carolina, USA
Description: JOE BERRY keeps true to real country music refusing to cave in to a new wave of thinking
Biography: Meet Joe Berry Written by Wolf Halton Joe Berry was born in Columbus, GA and began his musical career at the young age of 15, playing various honky-tonks throughout the Southeast and Midwest. He played piano and sang in numerous bands in the early years. During the 1970's he formed a band called Joe Berry and the Country Tradition, and followed his dream of being a Nashville Recording artist. As bands sometimes do, the members went in different directions, though they always remained friends. The 80's found Joe playing in a couple of country show bands. He began with Jill Pierce and Appaloosa, followed by Dixie Road. In 1994 Joe Berry recorded a Don Goodman tune that rose to be number 13 on the country music charts. The Grand Ole Opry Road show is now booking dates for the rest of 2005 and 2006. Joe says "It is an honor to be playing music with some of my country music heroes and to do what I love in my heart for a living. As for the future, I live one day at a time as my Lord said to do and I have hopes of one day stepping out on the stage of The World Famous Grand Ole Opry." Today, Joe Berry and his highly polished band The Berry Pickers are touring with Jan Howard, Ernie Ashworth, and Charlie Louvin as guests of the Grand Ole Opry Road Show, along with another special guest - the legendary Colonel Robert Morris, the man who recorded the "Truckers Last Ride." Joe is honored and thankful to Colonel Robert and Bob Timmers for his being inducted in the Traditional Country Hall Of Fame. Joe lives in South Carolina with his lovely wife, Brenda.
Press Release:
Country Musician Inducted into Special Hall of Fame Posted Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 10:36 am

A Nashville recording artist who lives in Mauldin has been inducted into the Traditional Country Hall of Fame, and two of his songs are on the sound track of a Hollywood movie now available on DVD.

Joe Berry, 50, formerly of Gray Court, who often tours with Grand Ole Opry legend Ernie Ashworth, was inducted April 29 into the Hall of Fame. The Internet-based Hall of Fame is "devoted to returning country music back to its roots that traditional sound."

Although Berry is a country artist, two of his songs are on the sound track of "Bad Trip," a movie starring hip-hop artist Coolio and directed by Chris Palzis and Erik Fleming, which was released May 3 on DVD and available in stores.

One song, the country ballad "Don't Wake Me," was co-written with Berry's wife, Brenda, owner of Alterations and More in Fountain Inn. The second song, "No Bridge I Can't Burn," was written by Don Goodman, John Wesley Ryles and Frank Dicus.

Berry credits another hall of famer, Colonel Robert Morris, for opening the door for him. Morris, who is in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and the Traditional Country Hall of Fame, played drums with Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Feathers.

Berry tours often, most recently appearing in concert in Bainbridge, Ohio, where he performed during The Paint Valley Jamboree with Grand Ole Opry star Charlie Louvin. Berry will perform July 2 in Texas, and plans 30-40 concerts this year before picking up the pace in 2006. He performs with his group, Joe Berry and the Berry Pickers, which includes Jim Baker on steel guitar, Ken Lush on keyboard, Frank More on bass guitar and Skip Gosmell on lead guitar.

The busy musician also occasionally broadcasts live on his Web site, and is writing a novel, "Up on Sweeten Creek."

Meanwhile, he continues to write songs with Goodman, Chris Anderson and Royce Porter, and promotes the revival of the traditional country sounds that ounce flourished on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Last Updated ( Friday, 12 August 2005 )