John Balint
Location: Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Description: Keith Jarrett meets Sting and Brian Eno, and together they invent a soothing, intelligent, and cinematic vibe to heal the world.
Biography: Recording artist and founder of Blisswave Records, John Balint says he wants to help people rise above their limitations and move beyond their differences. “Creating beautiful and uplifting music is one of the ways I’m hoping to make an impact.” If the reviews are any indication, he’s well on his way toward that goal. Chuck Diliberto from Awareness Magazine wrote, “Balint’s music is a bright light of inspiration, unjaded by current events, quietly illuminating music’s role as a universal communicative of the truth beheld innately in all of us. Excellent offering.”

Balint’s early influences included classical composers (Chopin, Beethoven, Copland, Satie), pop/rock keyboardists (Elton John, Ray Manzarek, Keith Emerson), ambient pioneers (Brian Eno, David Sylvian and Robert Fripp), jazz virtuosos (Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays), and synth-pop innovators (Gary Numan and Thomas Dolby). In more recent years, Balint has taken inspiration from Ralph Towner’s Oregon, René Dupéré (of Cirque du Soleil fame), Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, and Mark Knopfler. “I am drawn to anything that is well produced. Good songwriting, arrangement, and recording quality are very important to memore so than the genre of the music.”

Although he played piano throughout his childhood, John began composing instrumental music in the late 1980s. In 1992 he was hired by Jheri Redding to create the musical soundtrack for Nexxus touring stage show. “It was an interesting assignmentNexxus had in mind a dance-pop/new age fusion, so I gave it to them!” This success led to scoring jobs for several special education videos which later won awards at the New York Film Festival. In the mid 1990s, John continued his musical education under pianist Larry Karush (who started the avant garde jazz trio Mokave). And in 1996, Balint released his first album, Beneath the Blue, on a regional basis.

Balint's creative process is constantly changing: “I was the only guy I knew that would actually arrange songs before I wrote them! I love experimenting with various combinations of instruments to evoke a particular texture, mood or atmosphere. As I respond to they way the instruments are sounding together, compositional ideas often present themselves. At other times, I’ll sit at the Steinway, or pick up my guitar and compose melody and harmony in a more traditional manner. Most recently though, I'm interested in communicating more directly through my songwriting and lyrics. The latest batch of songs seem to have the theme of hope and transformation running through them.” John's latest album, entitled "Silver Linings", was released in June, 2006, and like his previous recordings, are available at

Press Release:
Contact: John Balint at (805) 687-3043 or email for more information


Previously acclaimed for his soothing instrumental releases, Balint's first release (Paradise Within) climbed to #2 on the New Age Voice Radio chart in 2002. His follow-up release (Connected, 2003) also played to critical acclaim, and remains his best selling work to date. Now, three years later, he brings us "Silver Linings", a collection of songs about hope and transformation in troubling times. Combining a fresh vocal style that's somewhere between Sting and Peter Gabriel, with his own signature laid back piano/synth groove, Balint's latest release is often reminiscent of Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight", or Sting's "A Thousand Years".

John's musical influences are eclectic and far reaching, and he rewards his listeners with gentle nods to many of these, from the melodic lyricism of Chopin to the cinematic syth-laden soundscapes of Brian Eno. Somewhere in between, you may also hear a splash of Bruce Hornsby's joyful piano playing, Sting's plaintive ballad voice, and the jazz piano voicings of Bill Evans.

The Silver Linings CD is available at, and will be made available for digital download at the iTunes store. Contact the artist directly for more information.