Kara Johnstad Band
Webpage: http://www.karajohnstad.com
Location: Berlin, , Germany
Description: Powerful vocals and a blend of Jazz / Latin / Rhythm and Blues. Singer / Songwriter Kara Johnstad writes poetic lyrics and puts them on top of strong rhythmical grooves. In Germany she is loved for her clear full tones, and strong stage presence.
Biography: BIOGRAPHY and INFO KARA JOHNSTAD Singer / Songwriter www.karajohnstad.com One of the most versatile voices of our time, her voice has an inspiring range and tons of soul and personality: Soulful Kara Johnstad warms the heart with her recipe of fantasically crafted and honed t texts with beautiful melodies. A singer / songwriter:she writes great, compelling songs and performs them with her band. When you start out with a great song, you dont need to spin it or have a gimmick. Kara Johnstad is one of those artists.She's the real deal. _____________________________________________________________________________ Kara Johnstad is a professional singer, lyricist, composer living and working in Berlin, Germany; born in St. Louis, Missouri / USA. Her current CD project are entitled ?Paths X. 13 original titles. A studio CD a fascinating mix of Jazz / Folk and Acoustic Pop.

HISTORY: 1986 She established together with the Brazilian composer and guitar player Roberto Pereira a well-received Duo. 1989 RCA released world-wide the first album / CD BETO & KARA "Crystal Flakes" which was followed by numerous radio and television performances. 1992 CD "Rise in Love", European release through Ariola. Under contract Kara Johnstad continued to perform concerts, compose and write new material. After 6 years under contract with a record company and many exquisite compostions / lyrics together with Roberto Pereira, she decided to consciously walk the path of an independent musician. A decision which she has consciously chosen and makes her excited to work every day.

1993 she formed an excellent band with internationally renowned musicians which played to full houses in Germany.

1997 Kara produced and released her solo CD "Pages of Sand". Pages of Sandis great album recorded at the A-trane Jazz Club in Berlin. There are many fascinating titles. In which she shows her talent as a lyricist. Melodyis a samba dedicated to the Sufis. Smoked out Blues, is a very moving jazz ballad about a woman being handed the divorce papers, the lyrics to 2Song of India2 were writen while Kara was travelling though India, and Oceanand Pages of Sandare both Biaos, the later written together with her bass player Guilherme Castro (BRAZIL) , Kara's cancerian side comes out in 2Full Moon" a sweet bossa nova for anyone who feels drawn to sleeping under the stars while the moon is full. Two of the biggest ballads on the CD, are "Winter has Come", Kara´s first composition and "Where is It Written", a mega ballad by the wonderful composer Michel Legrand / lyrics Alan and Marilyn Bergmann. This has become Kara's theme song at all of her concerts, and many people travel from London and Paris to Berlin far to hear her rendition.

1998-2005 The next years were a time of great change.personally and professionally. Kara travelled to Malaysia / Portugal/ Italy/Spain and the United States to do studio work and give concerts. She became a mother and continued to perform and handles all her own management. At some point due to trying to coordinate so many people's time schedules she decided to produced her next record with a a very small team of people in a private studio instead of her previous band sound / recording live. This gave her the freedom to experiment with new sounds (strings / clarinet/ trumpet/and guitar. The result is her new CD PATHS X.

2006 CD Paths X is released . An album which showcases her talents as a songwriter. On "Pages of Sand" she was mailnly the lyricist and collaborated with other fine composers but here Kara shows a very fragile and intimate side. PATHS X is extremely personal.

"Beloved" a jazz ballad about climbing out of the tub and climbing into bed. "Different Planes" is written driving along the highway between Indiana and Chicago. With Youis a very intimate love song about falling in love and having the other person tell you that they are gay. Seems Naturalis a tantric affair. The single track Thank Youhas become within 3 weeks on the internet #1 at Artist Launch. The track Hurried Nights, a smooth Jazz tune about a one night affair with a very close friend, and reached #4 on the Jazz charts at Soundclick.com and Carouselled# 6 at Artist Launch Jazz Vocals. Open Up and Receiveand Different Planeswere #7 and #8 on the Spiritual Pop Charts at soundclick. And "Hurried Nights is currently #9 on the Rock charts at American Idol Underground. The fascinating thing was within a few weeks the CD Paths X was in the top forty in the categories Pop / Acoustic/ New Age / Rhythm and Blues/ Jazz and Spiritual. That is how diverse the songs are and yet through the arrangements they are all very smooth.

PRESS COMMENTS "Blue note at its best! "STERN one of Germany's .biggist newspapers "The voice of Kara Johnstad is really outstanding It doesn't matter whether she soars into the beyond or whispers like an angel. One understands fully that she must have trained a long time and with success." Jazzdimensions

"Kara Johnstad has left the stylistic boundaries behind her in every genre, and instead carried through what suits her the best: Her ideas!" zitty, Berlin "Holy Moly! What a voice! Kara Johnstad singes Soul, Funk, Bossa Nova and Jazz - and this BRILLIANTLY! A huge dose of emotion pure!" BILD Germany's largest most read newspaper and

?... Kara Johnstad offers everything from jazz ballads to Brazilian samba rhythms, all that a jazz lover's heart desires. Beautiful voice, beautiful woman, beautiful music..TIP,

Please contact me if you are interested in using my material for film/television /radio or if you are a recording artist and would like to perform or record the material. I look forward to hearing from you www.karajohnstad.com###

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EMAIL: info@karajohnstad.com
HOMEPAGE: http://www.karajohnstad.com

Jazz Vocalist Kara Johnstad's CD PAGES OF SAND now available worldwide at itunes and all download portals.

Producer / Songwriter / Jazz Vocalist Kara Johnstad is excited to announce that her live album Pages of Sand is now available to download worldwide at all download portals and also as hardcopy at CD Baby.com, Tower Records, and Super D distribution outlets..

Pages of Sand CD was recorded live with her trio at the renowned A-trane International Jazz Club in Berlin, Germany and is a fascinating mix of styles. There is a wonderful bossa nova Full Moon, a samba dedicated to the whirling divine dervish dances of the Sufis, a beautifully crafted jazz/pop ballad Song of Indiaand an unforgettable rendition of Michel Legrand's Where is it Written.

Ms. Johnstad's exceptionally outstanding voice" (Jazzdimensions) has all the colors of the rainbow. Every tone clear and expressive modern yet crowded with passionate memory. Sexy, sultry, amazingly powerful yet profoundly intimate. Experience the depth of St. Louis Jazz, the provocative sensuality of Brazil and the introspective tones of India. With her soulful, sweet fusion of international sounds, powerfully intimate performance style and impeccable timing and control over her four octave range the fluid radiant voice leaves her audiences spellbound and longing for more!

Her loyal fans in Berlin adore her for her own works, her honesty and compositional purity of line, starting now Kara's material is no longer an expensive import / export item, it is availbale world wide, and that while sitting at the comfort of your own desk! Check it out! http://www.karajohnstad.com###