Justin Patterson & the Lost Causes
Webpage: http://www.justinpatterson.net
Location: Sumrall, MS, USA
Description: A Cowboy Singer With A Rock 'n' Roll Band
Biography: If one continues to say what they are going to do, when the time is right, eventually even he or she will begin to believe they are a liar.

After seven and a half years of college, Justin Patterson walked away from a sure thing to pursue a passion for songs. Not just any songs, however, songs believed in wholeheartedly. A song has the power to heal and to hurt, to uplift and let down, and to describe in three minutes or less what authors constantly struggle to say within the context of entire novels. This is why Justin Patterson writes songs, to shape and direct emotions that are otherwise uncontrollable.

Over the course of the last five years Justin has been consistently writing and sporadically performing his unique brand of country music across the state of Mississippi. While education should have been first priority, music was always overshadowing like the black clouds that precede a summer thunderstorm in his hometown of Sumrall, MS. No longer satisfied with straddling the fence between both worlds, something had to give. As his track record might have predicted, the dream won out. Admittedly, his own anomaly, Justin Patterson is a realist who understands the odds of making it in country music are slim to none, but a dreamer and drifter who believes that with enough hard work, determination, and a little bit of talent anyone can make their own path in this crazy industry.

Like Willie, Waylon, and Cash before him, Patterson is a different breed of songwriter, who refuses to compromise musical integrity and more importantly beliefs, in order to get ahead in the cutthroat music industry. "I believe there has got to be a better way of doing business than the current model displayed by the powers-at-be in musical hubs like Nashville and Los Angeles. Getting a record deal is definitely not at the top of my priority list right now," exclaims country music's newest rebel without a cause, "I find myself much more focused on building a long term career, based on a strong fan base, and believe the key to my success as an independent musician lies in writing my own songs, producing my own records, and trying to find creative and innovative ways to market and sell this music."

With the May 16 release of "Debut" now behind them, Justin Patterson and the newest incarnation of his band, The Lost Causes featuring guitarist Ashton Burge, bassist Brian Carr and drummer Wesley Rowland, are ready to hit the road in support of this new release. With years of experience and dozens of shows under their belts, Justin Patterson & the Lost Causes have already shared the stage and studio with members of many notable bands such as Highway 101, Shelly Fairchild, the Cary Hudson trio, Easy Street, Taylor Grocery Band, Warren County, Blue Mountain, Buffalo Nickel, and Kelsey Fowler. Playing a wide array of originals and covers, Justin Patterson & the Lost Causes are perfect for any size stage. From opening for nationally recognized touring acts to headlining their own shows, rest assured that a Lost Causes show will be a blast. So be sure to give the new record a listen, catch a show or book the band for your next event; and remember Justin Patterson & the Lost Causes play country music!

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Jackson, MS - June 1, 2006 Moonlighting as the front man for the South Mississippi based alt. country outfit 'The Lost Causes', Justin Patterson pulls triple duty on the mic, acoustic guitar, and harmonica. However, Justin Patterson is first and foremost a serious and dedicated tunesmith, a talent which is apparent with the first listen to his recent release, Debut. These twelve unforgettable songs encompass the sway and swagger of the Bakersfield Sound; the hook, line, and sinker of the Nashville Establishment; the songwriting sensibility of the Texas Troubadour; and the way of the world wisdom of the Wild West Cowboy presented as only a native son reared on Mississippi's rich musical heritage could.

The music found on the new record, released by independent Cowboy Cool Records, was co-produced by Americana mastermind and Black Dog Records head honcho Chris Hudson at his Monticello, MS based Route 1 Recording. Featuring homegrown Mississippi musicians like Cary Hudson and Ted Gainey, both formerly of the legendary alt. country band Blue Mountain, as well as drummer Elliott Crawford of Buffalo Nickel, the record has an undeniable roots rock feel. Yet the addition of string bending guitarist Ashton Burge, pedal steel whiz Stevie Sanford, and fiddling sensation Anna Grace Kimbrough give the recording an unmistakable country sound. All in all it is an interesting array of twangy tones ranging from rodeo-themed title track, "Debut," to the sing-a-long "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Alone," and reaching to the mainstream "Shot Down," with a slice of Americana as found on "Lovin' Touch."

Justin Patterson & the Lost Causes are not easily defined. They are often referred to as a rock 'n' roll band with a cowboy singer, and have also been called frat boy country, rodeo rock 'n' roll, alternative country, Americana, and have even been accused of having the occasional mainstream country hit just waiting to breakout. No matter your musical leanings, it is impossible to deny that Debut has a little something sure to suit a unique musical taste no matter the audience. Such sincerity in playing and singing, true love of music, willingness to work hard and a desire to strive for greatness in the music industry is not found often. However, Patterson mixes a whole new batch of lyrics and melody for the perfect combination of ingredients to produce songs which have the taste of love and passion equaling that heard on this grassroots effort.

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