Lisa Richards
Location: Austin, Texas, U.S.A
Description: Food for your Soul, honest, original, accessible music.
Biography: Lisa Richards is a songwriter who shares her truth soulfully and simply. With a crystalline and bell-like timbre and a pure vocal style, Lisa has an extensive vocal range and has been called a singer's singer. Her songs are subtle, explosive and original. A melting pot mixture of jazz, folk,blues,pop, rock and country - honest, original, accessible music - her own brand of adventurous folk art.

She was raised on the tropical idyllic north eastern Australian coast, surrounded by beaches, waterfalls and rain-forests. As the youngest of seven children, she absorbed the sounds of her mother's talent as a gifted, classically trained pianist. The house was filled house with music. However, when Lisa was seven, her life changed dramatically when a car accident left her mother severely brain damaged. The piano was sold, the music stopped and the house became quiet.

Out of this silence came an unrelenting urge for Lisa to create her own music. She began performing on the streets of Australia's King Cross, near the noisy and chaotic red light district of Sydney, singing acapella. Her rendition of Nina Simones classic "Plain Gold Ring" eventually brought her critical acclaim and led to a performance at the Caves Concert singing alongside veteran actor Jack Thompson. This lead to touring throughout Australia with the Cavers band.

Lisa moved to New York City from Australia in the early 90s. Within a short time she was performing at some of the most coveted club gigs in the city - at The Bitter End, Cafe Sine, The Mercury Lounge, CBGBs and Tramps. Her self-released debut CD "Not Quite So Low" received kudos in publications such as Billboard, Relix and Rootstown magazines, as well as in local and regional publications throughout the USA, Europe and Australia, resulting in an abundant 70,000 plays on the now defunct site.

Encouraged by her success to breakout,Lisa was chosen to perform at SXSW in Austin, Texas. However, fate also brought her to meet another musician that first night in Austin, Jeff May, and they married six months later.

Since moving to Austin she has released 2 more CDs of her work and has performed in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado and Australia. Her song-writing talent has been acknowledged throughout the industry. She has been chosen as a finalist in The Billboard Song Contest, the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, the Rocky Mountain Folks festival, The Chris Austin Song-writing competition at Merlefest. Two of Lisa's original compositions are also included in the film "Out of these Rooms" which won the Presidents Vision Award at the 2002 Great lakes Film festival.

This year Lisa has been chosen as a Kerrville New Folk Finalist and a Telluride Troubadour Finalist.

With her new recording, titled "Mad Mad Love" and recorded in NYC and Austin Texas, with production by Tim Bright, Billy Masters and Craig Ross, Lisa is poised to establish a new benchmark in her career.

Press Release:
Australian pop folkster Lisa Richards finds Mad Mad Love at Last!

Previous work by this Golden voiced, quirky, Texas based Australian Songwriter and singer has been called 'Utterly Beautiful' by Rootstown Magazine Belgium, and 'Spunky, brash and wise' by TNT Magazine UK. Her voice has been called 'incomparable and stunning' by and her songs 'affecting and beautiful" by Inpress Magazine Australia.

Lisa Richards recorded her new CD "Mad Mad Love" over several months in Brooklyn, N.Y., Portchester N.Y. and Austin Texas. The CD explores the subject of Love in all it's many splendid and not so splendid forms, from the personal to the universal, the earthly to the planetary. The CD includes 2 cover tunes, an ethereal version of Lou Reed's 'Satellite of Love' and a dirgy, wailing version of 'Rags and Old Iron ' an Oscar Brown Jr song most famously performed by Nina Simone.

Brooklyn, producer/co-writer/multi instrumentalist Tim Bright was able to capture and showcase the unique qualities of Lisa's voice and songwriting with his musical ideas and arrangements and he called on a number of fine musicians to add their musical voices to the recordings. These musicians included John Deley (from Dido's band) on Keyboards, Tim Luntzel (from Bright Eyes) on Upright Bass, and Dan Rieser (Norah Jones) on Drums.

In Austin TX producers multi/ instrumentalists Craig Ross (Patty Griffin, Spoon) and Jeff May kept their contributions to the project stark, organic and hauntingly beautiful.

Billy Masters (who has toured extensively as a guitarist with Suzanne Vega and Dar Williams) uses loops and atmospheric multi layered guitars in the 2 tracks that he produced.

The result of all this is an honest, rapturous,infectious, earthy, edgy, catchy collection of love songs delivered in a voice that evokes comparisons and yet defies pigeonholing.

Original and often adventurous folk art.

Lisa will begin national and international touring in support of her new CD in the late Summer.