Location: Erie, PA, USA
Description: Unique style, energetic, bouncy, amazing
Biography: Today he has sung on music composed by huge producers such as Davehall, who produced sensational singer Mariah Carey, and who has produced Martyn's love song Destiny, and he has worked with other producers such as Beat Masta Wess.

Martyn is rocking out. Just like any other young person out there, it was real hard growing up for Martyn and especially wanting to have a career in the music industry. Born and raised in french speaking countries, it's so obvious to know that he's fluent in speaking french and english both. Last born in a family of 6 with 1 brother, Frank and 2 sisters: Adelette and Diane. At the tender age of 9yrs old, he started having a strong hunger for music, craving in him deeper and deeper until he finally decided to do something about it.

Inspired by great artists such as Sisqo, Destiny's Child and more... he wrote his very first song few months after turning 9. Not knowing anything about music at all, his song had no rythm, no rhymes but telling a great story. Developping his ear for music he realised he was missing on a lot and started his very first perfect song "Callin' U" (which will be released soon to be for sale). When the song got done, it played everywhere from stations to college to clubs, receiving way too much positive feedback he knew this was what he was meant to do.

But his parents just like any other parents worried about their child, did not believe in him and all wanted him to finish school and get a so called 'real' job scared he would get hurt in the way of not making it anywhere in the music business. But following his heart and against his parents will, he proved them wrong.

Today, Martyn's working on his debut album entitled "NO MORE". But meanwhile he'll be releasing singles of this album befor putting them together. His song 'Destiny" and 'Trippin'" have sold more than 240 000 digital downloads each .99cents.
With more songs to come, we hope to keep up the great work.

Along the way were lots of obstacles and lots of rejects, but every time he fell he stood up once again, keeping in mind that the more NOs he got, the closer he was to a YES.

Starting a brand new life, he fell in love and got support from his lover. The song Destiny was totally dedicated to his love, thanking his babe for always being there for him, supporting him, and caring for him.

Martyn is a mix of rnb, pop, soul, neo and anything you can imagine, he has a different range every time he sings. Unlike most artists, Martyn writes and sings his own songs. takes him hours, days, and sometimes weeks to write just one song, but he always makes sure the finished product always comes out the way he expects it to. He believes that if one artist doesn't believe in his music and just wants to sing sing and write anything just for the sake of having an album, no one will buy it.

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