Mic Savage
Webpage: http://www.soundclick.com/micsavage
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A
Description: New York hip-hop at its finest..."Iron" Mic Savage, pound-for-pound one of the best u never heard, commercial, gutter, and conscience&Or pretty, gritty, and witty as i like to call it...
Biography: MiC SaVaGe The South Bronx: the birthplace of MiC SaVaGe, the most crime-ridden, poverty-stricken area of New York City at the time. Because of being one of the few African-American families in the predominately Puerto Rican neighborhood, the extreme hazards and poverty of the community, and the tragic drug wars in the family stemming from the New York heroin epoch of the 1970's that took the life of his uncle, and the new-fangled crack era, Mic was issued a life insurance policy from a very young age. Eventually, his parents were able to purchase an apartment in a community known as Co-op City in the Northeast Bronx. In the summers, he would juggle between living in his grandmother''s house back in the South Bronx and going to Minisink Townhouse, a historic camp located off 142nd St. and Lenox Ave. in Harlem. He had an inverse uncanny gift for poetry at only age ten. This demo shows how Mic is such a rare talent that he can routinely and effortlessly crank out a hit record. His mixtape ""Tha Exhibition"" released on Jan. 26th 2006 was sold in stores such as Sammy''s Clothing in the Bronx and at a retailer on 146th st and Broadway in Harlem. It is also available on the internet at www.soundclick.com/micsavage . On soundclick, the world''s #1 resource for music artists, Mic peaks in the top 15 songs on the hardcore rap charts consistently with over 700 new visitors a week to his site. Mic also has poetic works which are featured in three international books. Besides recording, he also is available for ghostwriting. He is looking for a recording and/or management deal. But with an appropriate recording deal for rap, the sky is the limit for MiC SaVaGe. . . .
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