Michael & Sandy Bashaw
Webpage: http://www.puzzleoflight.com/codebreakers
Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Description: This haunting original soundtrack music is played on flutes, guitars, piano and larger-than-life, welded steel sculptural instruments called "Sound Sculptures."
Biography: Since the turn of the 20th century, Dayton, Ohio has been home to inventors and innovation. In that same spirit, Michael & Sandy Bashaw create original and innovative music and art. As artists, the Bashaws perform, compose, teach and create art in many different configurations and venues: They work together as a duet, collaborating on song composition and film scores, as well as live performance. Their Puzzle of Lightensemble includes a bass player and percussionist. For special events, college concerts and performing arts venues they present Theatre of Soundusing large-scale experimental sculptural instruments (Sound Sculptures) designed and built by Michael. See their web site (www.theatreofsound.com)for more information, and additional CDs.
Press Release:
May 1, 2006: To coincide with American Public Television's national broadcast of the documentary "Dayton Codebreakers," Michael and Sandy Bashaw announce the release of the soundtrack CD "Music from the Dayton Codebreakers." It was co-produced by composer/conductor Dino Zonic. Michael & Sandy composed, performed and recorded all original music for the film, directed by Aileen LeBlanc. The instrumentation includes: flutes, guitars, piano, koto, percussion, and astounding sonic landscapes played on Michael's larger than life, welded steel sculptural instruments -- "Sound Sculptures." For more information, photos of the Sound Sculptures, and to purchase the Soundtrack CD, go to: www.puzzleoflight.com/codebreakers.