Michael Bell
Webpage: http://www.belltimerecords.com
Location: Lansing, Michigan, United States
Description: Michael Bell's Music Is Unique. He has a mixture of: DANCE & OLD SCHOOL R&B
Biography: Michael began playing trombone at the age of 13yrs. Old, and later began playing guitar, bass and drums for various local groups in the Detroit area. In 1984, he became a church organist and minister of music, and later went on to record several albums as a Record Producer. He produced his first big recording in 1999, on the contemporary Christian artist Jeannine Byerly. He has since written and produced several more albums, of which, some have had much charted radio success. Michael has played guitar with such recording artists as: David Ruffin, Tyrone Davis, Laura Lee, The Floaters Orchestra, Michael Bell & The Wings Of Freedom, Orlando Draper, and many others. He has since become a proficient songwriter, record producer and sound engineer. Michael won $6000 worth of recording equipment in a 2004 songwriting competition at: songwriter.tv, and also was a finalist (four songs in three categories) in the UK 2004 International Songwriting Contest. He's had fifteen #1 songs on the broadjam Top 10 Charts in the past two years. As Michael would say, "writing a song is like taking a drink of water, I dont have to think about how to do it, it comes so naturally". One unique thing that stands out about Michael is his ability to play the role needed in creating, and displaying his demo song material. He is the writer/composer/arranger/ producer/performer, and studio engineer on over 95% of his demo songs. Although Michael claim is truly as a songwriter, he is grateful that many of his other talents are being displayed through his music. You can listen to much of Michael's writing, composing and producing skills at the following web sites: http://www.belltimeproductions.com and at htttp://www.broadjam.com/belltime . You are sure to find some interesting song material written in a variety of styles and genres of music on these websites.
Press Release:
AUTHOR: Artistopia HEADLINE: Michael Bell Q. At what age did you realize you wanted to become a music artist and why? At the age of fourteen. I somehow just knew music was in me. Q. Most music artists have that special someone or thing that influenced their decision to do music. Did anyone or something in your life play a major role in influencing you to go into the music business? Yes. My uncle Eddie Guitar Burns a prominent blues artist mostly over in Uroupe. Q. In terms of the music, which major artist(s) influenced your style and why? Earth Wind & Fire. They were, and still are the bomb! Those cats can play and sing. I love their style of music. Q. With so many independent artists trying to make it, what makes you stand out from the competition? I wear quite a few hats when it comes down to my recording projects&.writing, arranging, producing, engineering and performing most of my own songs. I also think I have a unique style of my approach to music, I refuse to let my music be put in a box. Q. Music industry professionals are quick to say that being an artist means to gracefully fit a marketable niche in the industry. If you were offered an opportunity that asked you to be something you are not, would you do it to get your foot in the door? I am not sure, Ive never been their yet. I would like to think that wisdom would speak to me whenever that time comes. Q. Making music is one thing, selling it is another. What types of strategies do you use in promoting your artistic work and getting it heard by the proper professionals? I thank God for all the new independent marketing, promotions and distribution outlets that are made available through internet companies who have their stuff together, and are becoming very competitive in the major markets as to getting the independent artists the much need exposure needed to rise up in this industry. Q. In regards to wheeling and dealing, how important do you feel business knowledge is to making it in an industry filled with much heartache? I feel that everyone who is aspired to do anything in this music business should at least seek out information pertaining to their craft. Find out as much as you can about the does and donts in this business, you can save a lot of money and spare yourself un-needed frustration along the way. Q. Let's fast forward to 5 years from now. What advice would you offer to struggling independent artists? Keep up with the new technology and were its heading. We have many more options now to get our music out there independently than we had 10 years ago. I believe the playing field of the Independent artist will someday meet at the middle of the road with the Major artists. Q. Most successful artists are involved in charitable organizations that stand for a cause that hits close to home. In that regard, once you reach success, what charitable cause(s) would you like to be involved in and why? I want to help the homeless. I know that some people brought things on themselves, but nevertheless, theyre still human, and they need help. Well, we thank you for taking the time to interview with us and certainly wish you the best in your music career endeavors. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, an inside look into the mind of an independent artist struggling to bring their hard work to fruition in an industry where perseverance and thick skin means survival. No one said it would be easy. Credits and References No credits and references where provided.