Michelle Mays
Webpage: http://www.michellemays.com
Location: Ponca City, Ok, USA
Description: Singer/Songwriter original Pagan, Goddess, New Age music refreshing the spirit
Biography: Michelle was raised in a family of musicians and singers, and began performing with the family when she was a child. As a teenager, she played in various dance bands around Tulsa,Oklahoma. Later, Michelle played her music at country hootenannies, coffee houses, gatherings and events throughout the US. Within the past few years, her recorded work has been played on independent radio stations across the US. Currently, she performs at events and gatherings throughout the Mid-West.
Press Release:
Singer/Songwriter, Michelle Mays is a solo artist with three CD's, Fireleap, a Collection of Beltane song and chant, The Golden Section and The Promise.

The music reflects the growing philosophy and awareness of Earth Spirit, and the Celebration and Sacredness of life.

Her original music will touch your heart and spirit, will move you to Joy, reassurance and comfort.. and may even make you smile.