Webpage: http://www.myspace.com/midstokketheband
Location: seattle, wa, USA
Description: Blues based rock in the vein of Zeppelin and Aerosmith
Biography: Everyday a band or two writes a bio about how they are going to become "The Next Big Thing" in music. More often, bands break-up and wonder, "What went wrong?" Sometimes a group tries something different to get a buzz going, and once in a great while they do something just right. Maybe it's a gimmick like make-up, or a flashy stage show, but whatever it is, it gets them noticed. Other than sounding like seasoned rockers at 24 years of age, the members of Midstokke have no gimmicks. They don't pander to the "flavor of the month" crowd like so many aspiring bands do. They just come out and play real rock and roll in an attempt to do justice to the greats that came before them. Rock and roll never died, it just been a lot harder to find these days. With the explosion of digital music, the fans are back in charge of what they want to listen to. Across the board, people want to hear good music coming from bands with TALENT, rather than the typical "whine about life, then scream about it" genre, found in most local clubs and venues nationwide. Midstokke offers something for everyone, from straight forward rock and roll, to power blues, to funk, and all of it comes across with genuine emotion that people connect with. The two guitarists are true products of classic rock, channeling everything from Aerosmith to ZZ Top, scathing solos and all. Complimented by a high energy, harmonica playing front man, and grounded by a rock hard rhythm section. Midstokke is a force to be reckoned with. After almost two years of polishing and refining their sound, Midstokke released their first studio album "Private Stokke" in September '05 and have taken steps to establish themselves as a legitimately marketable act. With the formation of Midstokke LLC, and a new E-Commerce friendly website, Midstokke is ready to take the next step and move up the ladder towards nation-wide recognition. The only thing holding them back is a super-saturated market of mediocre local bands. Promoters and booking agents are tired of booking bands that only bring girlfriends and families to shows, and frankly, Midstokke is tired of playing with them. They are ready to go all the way, step by step. All they need is an excited pair of ears in a position to help out. Perhaps that pair of ears is yours.....
Press Release:
Hailing from the music capital of the west coast, Seattle, Midstokke is tearing down walls and burning up buildings with their first full length independent release "Private Stokke." This album runs the gamut of what rock music should and could be. Beginning with uptempo rockers like "Rising Sun", inciting a "Riot" on track six and then finally melting dual guitars and bleeding hearts into the heartbreaking ballad "Secrets", this is one talented group of twenty-something musicians just beginning to scratch the surface of their musical potential.