Mike Cullison
Webpage: http:/www.mikecullison.com
Location: Nashville, TN, USA
Description: A unique Songwriter/Muscian
Biography: Mike Cullison began his career in 1978 in the small clubs and hony tonks of the Oklahoma City music scene. Cullison migrated to the Atlanta area in 1988 to continue his music career and sharpening his writing skills. As a writer for Lowery Music Group he co-wrote "She's My Little Jalapena", a Cajun flavored song that still receives air play world wide.

Cullison was a vocalist and guitar player with "Lone Walter" out of Atlanta, which featured his rock-a-billy vocals and writing style that have now become his trademark. The band played several major festivals in the area and opened for national acts such as: Three Dog Night.

Cullison at the encouragement of his friend Don Goodman, a very successful Nashville writer with hits: Angels Among Us, Ring On Her Finger Time On her Hands, and Dixie Roads: made the move to Nashville in 1995 to have access to the large writing community. This has led to his debut cd, BAC,(Big American Car) on Breakin' Records.

BAC features Cullison's rock-a-billy style and also embraces Americana Rock, which he feels is the forefromt on American music. With the help of Johnny Neel, former Allman Brothers keyboardist, Billy Block, drummer extraordinaire and founder of Western Beat, Cullison has put the car in gear and the pedal to the metal for a rockin' ride!

"I think music is the highway through life and I'm just rockin' and rollin' down the road" Mike Cullison

Press Release:
“BAC” would be a fine addition to any compre- hensive rock a billy library, and it is a sure fire choice for anyone who wants to hear some good ol’ Rock and roll that’s not out of date.

Matthew Crider - Shawnee News Star

With honest lyrics and enjoyable vocals, Mike Cullison spans the Americana genre of blues, rock-a-billy, and classic country. Mike Cullison brings to the table a love of honky tonk music and a general good time.

- Singer Magazine Feb. 2005

“Big American Car”, the title song for Cullison’s latest release, has gained national attention through radio programs such as “Car Talk” on National Public Radio(NPR) and numerous others including “The Indie Limelight Show”, offered as syndication to over 100 radio networks worldwide.

- Music Industry News Network

Thanks to guys like Mike Cullison there is still a sturdy group of under the radar blues-rockers to keep the genre alive. This music rolls smoothly along the “highway through life” that he speaks of....except of course when it jumps. And that’s good too.

Jess Marich - Shake Magazine, Mar 2005

When I first heard Mike Cullison’s music I knew it was something special. I consider him a diamond in the rough, a unique musician and songwriter.

Steven Sharp - Sharp Objects