Penny Foster
Location: Ashford, Kent, UK
Description: 23 year old beautiful female solo singer-songwriter
Biography: This female solo artist-writer/singer-songwriter has performed her whole life, through stage school, and the Brits, London Academy and then ACM, eventually specialising in Pop music. From small pubs to a club audience of 10,000 and singing live and solo at the Royal Albert hall, she has done her apprenticeship, both in the relative safety of college, and out in the real world. penny went to the Brit school to study musical theatre, but it soon became obvious that her focus was music, as in her end of course report from the Director

" As a performer Penny is focussed and engaging. She has genuine quality in performance. This was seen dramatically in her performance of her own composition in the school's music showcase. She gave a powerful performance which gained much praise. She is an accomplished singer and composer. " (aged 18)

ACM are Europe's top school for rock and pop musicians, and whilst there she studied vocal composition and arrangement, basic production, and performance. there were masterclasses from visiting legends, and Jiant productions (10 million records worldwide) helped develop her songwriting. At the same time she formed her own college band, and played pubs and intimate showcases of her own early material in and around London.

The Pop concert at the Royal Albert Hall was in a league of it's own. To be judged the winner by an audience of 6000 on the night, a cross section of the public, all ages and from all corners of the Uk, based on one live performance of a totally original song, never heard before that night, says he must have something special to offer.The song was recorded with the audience and after the recording Penny performed on stage with Lemar. She promoted the track, with interviews at Capital Disney and BBC radio, and one live performance on daytime TV.

For the next two years she " performed" in studios all across the UK and Europe, with the most demandinh critics - producers. She swaooed song splits for studio time, and built a portfolio of tracks, some of which have been licensed and released, and she has also built working relationships with major independent publishers who are placing her with signed multi-platinum award-winning producer-writers to build her publishing worth and pitch her tracks, her songwriting talent acknowledged at the highest levels.

Last year Phantom 4 Music Group were trawling the internet looking for songs and talent on behalf of Stephen Stone, the boss of the Grammy award winning Ruffhouse Entertainment, for his new MTV show, " 30 days Till I'm Famous", due for worlwide distribution this year. Penny wrote and recorded three songs to brief, one with Stevie Lange, who last year wrote and toured with Lee Ryan, and all three were shortlisted. Penny was then asked to understudy the girls already chosen to feature in the band, and had to learn all of the shortlisted songs, so could see they were sent from established writers from all around the world. In addition, a song which Penny demoed was chosen as the title track to the show, and has been recorded by the show's compere, Fat Joe.

Phantom 4 still co-manage Penny in the US, and it was Stevie Lange on their producer roster, who is one of the most famous vocal coaches in the industry , who trusted Penny enough to offer her the job of backing vocalist for Shania Twain's recording of " Shoes", recorded in Switzerland with top producer Mutt Lang, who said of Penny " I got what I needed"

Meanwhile, Hed kandi picked up one of Penny's tracks for their popular compilations, and two other tracks got to number 1 - on BBc radio One " One Unsigned" and also on the huge internet radio and satellite TV music channel Pulse Rated, polling 150,000 votes. She was also the only person ever to be chosen simultaneously as artist of the week and songwriter of the month.

For the last year penny has been putting together an album of songs.She teamed up with Justin Scharvona, composer and no 1 remixer, and here is her first review, from Sweet rains Records in brooklyn, NY, who found her on " myspace"

" Honestly, I'm really impressed. Songwriting and vocals are strong, production is radio friendly. I see no problem here.

Press Release:
Album Review by Rebekah Pearce (Kerrang, Q, Rock n Roll Report)

Penny Foster

A graduate from the famous Brit School, Penny Foster has earned her stripes in a variety of situations. From intimate pub venues to packed clubs it demonstrates her ability to adapt to various genres and interact with a kaleidoscope of people.

Back up vocals for Shania Twain on the Desperate Housewives soundtrack and working wth a fistful of renowned songwriters and producers; Foster has even penned the title track to MTV show " 30 days till I'm Famous" After extensive touring, travelling and reaching no 1 on BBC Radio 1's " One Unsigned", it's time for Foster to grab the spotlight for herself. with this self-titled debut album.

" Numb" opend the album with sultry vocals and a smouldering beat channelling the eighties glory days, adding a pinch of " Music" era Madonna. Inspired by the underworld of London, the dazzling glamour gone wrong and the price you pay for being a slave to the wage.

The well-travelled Foster demonstrates a sense of distance on this album stetching from serene Norway to the hustle and bustle of frenzied New York, and back again to the hedonistic and ruthless Camden Town.

" Disconnected" oozes the ever-popular power pop infused with a tingling chorus whilst " hypnotised" uses an elctrifying guitar riff as a backbone to a charged disco back beat that races along breathlessly. like Goldfrapp before her, these songs blend retro synth with modernised lyrics designed for a pumping club floor

"Reckless" is wonderfully grimy and desperate sounding. However, foster's light and pretty vocals keep this track bounding along, lifting it from darkness and casting a tainted glitter to the proceedings. " perfect World" is the age old Romeo and Juliet story brougt up to speed using ambition as the self-inflicted barrier between lovers rather than family.

Album closer " Circles" is the catchiest track on this record and would make for a strong future single release. Edgy lyrics combine with teasing vocals to make this a contender for the charts.Interestingly this song was written over a backing track that producer justun Scharvona wrote back in 197. It certainly doesn't date.

Like Annie who released the infectious " chewing Gum" back in 2004, which sent the public and the critics alike into a synth frenzy, Foster will not disappoint.

Unfortunately Annie faded off the radar too soon. perhaps the timing was wrong, but maybe Penny Foster has timed things perfectly with this release and will have dance floors seething to her sultry vintage disco with a modern twist.