Perfect Mercy
Location: Knoxville, TN, USA
Description: "Like a modern day Fleetwood Mac with the edge of No Doubt and the depth of Train"
Biography: January 2006 marked the six year anniversary since Perfect Mercy emerged into the music world. In that time, the band has honed a sound that is described by fans as the next magnetic prototype for modern music. The five piece group has formulated an eclectic mix of rock, blues, funk & reggae. Though each style is only recognized as an influence, it lends to a sound that grasps music lovers young and old. The all-embracing mix of inspiration for the members of Perfect Mercy has produced an unequivocal style that proves to not be restricted or pigeonholed.

Shannon Lindsey was born and raised in North East, Pennsylvania; a small town just outside of Erie. Since the age of four, she has graced the stage with her talent as an entertainer. In 1999, Shannon won Western Pennsylvania's Female Vocalist of the Year and later moved to the south in search of a better venue for her distinctive sound and song writing skills. The engaging search for an esteemed guitarist/songwriter led to Knoxville, Tennessee native Justin Parker.

Parker had recently left Box Wagon Candy Band (now known as Jag Star) to pursue different musical tastes and was searching for musicians for a new project. When he and Lindsey met in mid January of 2000 for a jam session, they knew immediately that they were on to something. “Everything just clicked from the first note,” says Parker. “By the end of that session we had already written three songs and I knew the moment I heard Shannon sing I had to be in a band with her. I had just hoped that she liked how I played guitar."

They began building a reputation for being one of the area's hardest working bands. Crafting a different sound and dedicating themselves to their performances has paved a path to opportunities such as performing with artists like Dexter Freebish, Pat McGhee Band, Seven Nations, and Tinsley Ellis. Perfect Mercy has also supported local charities such as Relay For Life, Children's Hospital Dance Marathon, and Second Harvest Food Bank. The band has organized an annual multi-band concert, Jam For Cans, which benefits Second Harvest Food Bank.

As the band grew creatively, some of its members were either unable to commit to those changes or had other issues in their lives which prevented them performing with the band. This brought many line-up changes to the rhythm section. In an effort to expand the band's sound, they searched for a keyboardist and a second female voice for harmony. Susie Haas answered the call in 2003 and opened a whole new dimension for the band, creating a "cinematic sound" that demands to be experienced.

Perfect Mercy’s process of writing music consists of only one equation: collaboration. While inspiration for a song may present in different ways, their key to success is input from each of the band’s members. “We don’t have one particular formula for writing the song,” says vocalist, Shannon Lindsey. “Sometimes I’ll have lyrics or a melody line that Justin adds a guitar part to. Other times, the band will just start jamming and I’ll hear the vocal in my head.” The band’s open approach allows a multitude of musical influences to shine through. "We try to capture everyone's ideas and creativity into everything we write," says Haas. "When we've accomplished that, we end up with a song that means so much to all of us."
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