Project Morfeo
Location: Muenchen, Bayern, Malta
Description: A gothic tincture imparted on an electronic fabric sewn by rhytmic feelings.
Biography: A gothic tincture imparted on a rich electronic fabric, Project Morfeo follows the thoughts of its creator out from Dark Corners into solar expanses. First lancing your prehibitions with a softly aggressive rock, Biagini turns around and engulfs you in a vast, yet warming, environment. Though filled with emotion, Dicotomia does not overwhelm, rather it entices and guides you through an everlasting splendor. Within the subdoed rhythm rides a tempest. For the unweary She is pain, and for others? Well, they may simply Walk Away. Project Morfeo is a new journey through familiar, yet curiously unexplored avenues. Dicotomia is our invitation to you to hear this world, to sense it, and to feel its brilliance.
Press Release:
March 2006, Trostlos Records presents Gianfranco Biagini's newest work: Project Morfeo "Dicotomia".