Location: freeport, NY, USA
Description: bass revolutionary, eccentric flutist, punk fusion innovator performing the most original music this side of the Diaspora
Biography: LONG LIVE THE GANGSTA RABBI!!!! IN EVERY GENERATION, A CHARISMATIC MADMAN GENIOUS RISES UP FROM THE UNDERGROUND, HELL-BENT ON OVERTHROWING THE MUSICAL STATUS-QUO BY CHEERFULLY DISREGARDING THE LONG-STANDING RULES OF PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTION , SONGWRITING, LYRICAL CONTENT AND INSTRUMENTATION TO CREATE SOMETHING SO NEW, SO FRESH AND SO REBELLIOUS! THIS GENERATION'S CHARISMATIC MADMAN GENIOUS IS NEW YORK'S OWN STEVE LIEBERMAN!!! Already touted as the "MOST CONTROVERSIAL ARTIST ON THE MP3 SCENE", Steve's influence is quickly spreading to the waves of COLLEGE RADIO, ALTERNATIVE SPECIALTY SHOWS ,and over some of the world's largest networks of INTERNET RADIO and in NEW YORK'S CLUB SCENE!!!!!! It's been three years since Bass-revolutionary, eccentric flutist, exotic multi-instrumentalist, Gangsta Rabbi, mad-scientist musician and one-man self-promotion machine first appeared on an mp3 chart. In those 3 years, Lieberman has released 6 full-length studio cd's and a live cd called JEWISH RIOT OY OY OY from the opening night of his 9-month long ARBEITER-455 tour-- where he did all the writing, playing, singing, production, arranging, artwork-you name it, has been interviewed , been in rotation and charted on college and internet radio and international web-sites of many genres, has topped mp3 charts worldwide in virtually every genre and spent 6 WEEKS as #1 overall artist on AUSTRALIA's DIGITAL CHARTS and has played live to cheering packed rooms! and this is just the beginning!! His 6th studio album JEW IN THE UNDERGROUND has been released in June 2005. On the heels and coat-tails of his hugely successful 4th & 5th albums LIQUIDATIA-455, and ARBEITER AT THE GATE takes Steve's eccentric, eclectic prog/punk style to the limit and will continue to spread his angry political, anti-racist message fused together with his sometimes risque', other times cerebral humor to those who might have missed the transmission of LIQUIDATIA through the airwaves , the internet or on the racks of the record store. The phenomena caused by LIQUIDATIA has been repeated by ARBEITER--earning it a 3 1/2 star review in the prestigious ALL MUSIC GUIDE. Many called Steve Lieberman a madman and many more called him a genious but love him or hate him, it cannot be denied that Steve Lieberman is a musical innovator hell-bent on changing modern music forever. His fans explain Steve's popularity because he is certainly one of the most original, prolific and energetic artists on all levels--instrumentation, production, songwriting, lyrical content--you name it. Steve cheerfully disregards all the long-standing rules by substituting guitars with a series of overdriven BASSES playing chords and leads at a fever-pitch with a style reminiscent of the late JOHN ENTWISTLE as he wails away on the FLUTE over the proceedings like the illegitimate protege' of IAN ANDERSON himself, as STEVE earned the designation-THE FATHER OF THE PUNK-ROCK FLUTE!! If that's not enough, he masterfully adds to this already eclectic mixture , the TROMBONE, FIDDLE,MELODICA, and a bunch of exotic instruments, many of them not even heard of in the Western Hemisphere. His critics however have a different explanation for Steve's success. They say his music is like a train wreck. It happens and because of the shock value, you must keep returning to the scene to check it out because you just can't believe it. Either way, STEVE LIEBERMAN's music has been downloaded 1/2 MILLION times in his first 2 years on the scene--be it for originality and energy of for shock, his popularity is as undeniable as his music is addicting. This however didn't happen overnight for Steve.It took over 3 decades!Teaching himself to play the Bass in 1971. he quickly discovered that by turning the instrument upside-down without reversing the strings and applying distortion, the bass can sound like a Strat on steroids.He became the wild-man lead bass player in a series of prototype metal bands throughout the 1970's. During the 80's and '90's, Lieberman became an angst-possessed post-punk singer-songwriter, a favorite at the local Long Island, NY original music scene because of his chain-saw bass strumming, lightning-fast leads and in-your-face thought-provoking politically and religiously charged lyrics and Chasidic hippy demeanor. From 1991-2001, Steve Lieberman released 38 independent albums. After a house fire in 2001, Steve quickly mastered the flute (being a Jethro Tull fan from birth) and discovered some instrumental oddites as the Shahnai, bagpipe chanter, bombard, melodica and trombone. Lieberman first fused the wordly sounds of this menagerie to his overdrived basses resulting in 2002's now classic BAD'LANIA RISING. He raised the religious political ante in 2003's JEWISH LIGHTNING. The success of LIGHTNING on the worldwide MP3 scene had drastic and sad side effects, however. Anti-Semitic attacks came from 3 continents from those who were "unhappy" to see an openly Hebrew musician present on "their " charts. Steve fought these attacks with diplomacy and humility with one hand and with the other hand wrote, recorded and produced his 3rd release the retaliatory DESERT FEVER BRIGADE. Although not praised by the critics in general, DFB was hugely popular in Europe and Australia, as it saw Steve's first attempts of his own style of Dance and Electronica music, which is very big in those areas. Although his first 3 albums awarded Steve with global mp3 success and CD sales that were none-too-shabby for an independent experimentalist but to his dismay, they did not change the world on a large Kurt Cobain-esque style. Enter his 4th album LIQUIDATIA-455. During another creative burst , Lieberman completed 21 songs in less than a month's time cusping 2003 and 2004--this time fusing metal with dance, Jewish music and hardcore and prog-rock with folk.Also to grab the attention of the Punk community who seemed to have forsaken this eccentric flute player, some real scorchers as CIGARETTE STORE FAST and SKINHEADS IN MY YARD OY VEY!! are there for their listening pleasure. Although, we do not yet know if LIQUIDATIA will change music history, we do know that it brought the music of this "madman-genious" to the masses over the college radio and internet airwaves. and hopefully, ARBEITER AT THE GATE will continue this momentum!! After all this history, Steve Lieberman's music has been embraced by the American Underground, the European and South American Progressive Rock movement , the Punk Community and the Jewish People worldwide--quite an unusual sampling only by the likes of Steve Lieberman!! also hailed in the prestigious AMG--receiving a 3 1/2 star review and once listed as an 'important artist' in the Obscuro genre! '
Press Release:
the 10th album by the most imaginative innovator of the 21st century thus far STEVE LIEBERMAN THE GANGSTA RABBI IS RELEASED TODAY. it's called JEWISH PIRATE-- and features 26 cover tunes by the likes of GREEN DAY, JETHRO TULL, THE STONES, DYLAN, SPRINGSTEEN, U2, MIDNIGHT OIL, DIRE STRAITS, THE DEAD MILKMEN-etc.--all gross proceeds to be donated to charity. this is on the tail of the smash live album VIVA THE GANGSTA RABBI and coincides with Lieberman's 'Pirate 457' tour of the east coast