Sam Utah
Location: Soquel, California, USA
Description: Sam Utah is a California native who composes unique and inspirational music based in classical and new age modalities. The goal is to provide a completely pleasant and significant listening experience.
Biography: Sam Utah composes music in the new age classical and progressive genres. He creates a unique brand of music for relaxation and visualization based on his breakthrough discoveries in cymatic sound experimentation. This music is a pleasant listening experience that is good for your being as well. Children respond naturally to the sounds but for adults there is more of a learned response. However, once you experience the effect, you will want to listen to Sam Utah Music over and over.
Press Release:
Sam Utah has released three albums of symphonic new age music. As a student of sound wave technology, or cymatics, Sam provides a listening experience that is also good for you in that it relaxes you and gives you a sense of well-being. Children understand this music intuitively and will play it over and over but for adults it is more learned response that will have a positive impact on you once experience the effect. Regardless of whether one feels the cymatic effect, the music stands on its own as beautiful listening experience.