Scott Due
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Description: The Shadow In The Road Single
Biography: I'm a Dallas based, Songwriter and Recording Artist. The music I create can best be described as; BEATLE-GROWN/SLICK-LO-FI/INDIE-COUNTRY-POP. I discovered the guitar at ten years old when I found my Dad's guitar case tucked away in the corner of a closet. When I opened the case, anticipation filled my chest and widened my eyes. I felt as though I had found the Holy Grail and was about to be the only boy in the world to possess the treasure it contained. A treasure it did contain; a beautiful acoustic guitar that would take me on a journey of musical discovery. At age fourteen I wrote my first song, leading me to many, many more songs and collaborarive band efforts that have added to my creativity in songwriting over the past nineteen years. The journey proved to be my University, my discipline and my passion. I am moved to share my songs, to entertain and peak the interest of music-lovers the world over. The journey continues...
Press Release:
We are pleased to announce the much anticipated debut release of Dallas based, Songwriter/Recording Artist, Scott Due. The two song single is entitled; "The Shadow In The Road Single". The single can be downloaded for free off of Scott's website; The two songs are in promotion of Scott's forthcoming, independent release "hamartia", due out this fall on iTunes.