Location: Henderson, Nevada, U.S.A.
Description: Unquestionably, this passionate 21 year old is sure to appease any music lover that hungers for something new in R&B.
Biography: Birthplace: Battle Creek, Mich. Birthday: 9/15/84 Sign: Virgo Ethnicity: Black Family: Single PERSONAL SIDE Favorite Color: Blue Favorite TV Show: Oprah Favorite Movie: Rush Hour I and II Hobbies: Swimming & Singing Best School Subject: Communications Worst School Subject: Math In July of '05, this young lady decided that after working with her vocal coach for more than a year and performing at various events, it was time to take her career to another level of achievement. A level that will take Sharina closer to her dream of becoming a successful R&B artist. Sharina is always willing and ready to prove that actions speak louder than words. In other words, she'd rather have a person allow her to perform and let that person be the judge of her talents. Sharina feels that all comments, good or bad, are positive for her growth. Sharina also stated that her expectation of getting signed to a label is not the only answer for her career at this time. When asked why, she stated: I must start working my career with or without a label. Having a label behind me would be great. However, I must start on the creation of my fan base, as well as sales with any product I'm able to get produced.
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