Location: New York, NY, USA
Description: Over the last few years MTE has created a working philosophy around his creative musical projects. Processing pre recorded sounds, adding bass and programming drum beats have been the first steps towards taking the listener on a celestial journey.
Biography: Manuel T. Engel is a mad scientist, constantly searching for new ways to create music. A classically trained and internationally renowned musician, he has performed everywhere from the Knitting Factory to the Kennedy Center, combining the classic influences of Miles Davis with the breakthrough techniques of visionaries like John Cage and Sun Ra --- Awards: " Solipsist #1 on IAC Genre Charts/Dance, May - July 2006 " Independent Music World Series, Semifinalist, 2005 " International Songwriting Competition, Semifinalist, 2004 " NSU Certificate of Outstanding Academic Achievement, 2002 " Chrysler Jazz Award for Best Band, Montreux Jazzfestival 2000 " Award for MAVIN Newcomer of the Year, 1998
Press Release:
Credentials: Manuel Engel possesses that rare, intriguing combination of intellect and soul - Doug Weiss I have known Manuel Engel for 2 years now. He has shown incredible musical and artistic talent. I have performed with him in many musical situations and I would like to give him the highest recommendation at this time - George Garzone Manuel Engel is a very gifted, young composer. He`s an exciting pianist whose solos in my "Sun Ra Ensemble" at the NSU were bright moments. His talent is burning and ready for the greater exposure he`s sure to receive - Ahmed Abdullah Manuel Engel is a talented, young pianist who breathes life into the future of improvised music - Andy McKee