SomeWhat Damaged
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Description: A powerhouse Rock Band hailing from Houston, TX! SWD is a modern rock band that is extremely versatile in their style from tender ballads like "I Believe" and "The End Of Something" to (in your face) modern hits like "Extreme Distraction" and "Puppe
Biography: Somewhat Damaged-Bio (By James Crutcher-SomeWhat Damaged) Band Website: Somewhat Damaged, or SWD as we are known, is a Houston based Powerhouse rock band. And I dont think even we know how long we have been together. Although it seems like forever, we have been through many changes over the years to get us to where and what we are. Our current original song list contains about 40 songs, maybe a little more when I think about it. We do play cover songs sometimes, and we have quite a few of them. They range from old 80s (Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Metalica, Ozzy, etc), through the current mainstream radio rock (creed, staind, chevelle, etc.). Of course we strive to one day be a completely original band. But theres that money thing! Being together for so long has a lot of advantages. But let me tell you, the trials of being in a rock band are so numerous. Marriages, divorces, kids, lost jobs, new jobs, various broken body parts, equipment issues left and right, attitudes, girlfriends, GIRLFRIENDS, MAN! But at the same time, what a list of inspirations to draw from for our original music. Currently there are 5 members of SWD. James Crutcher (vocals), John Harrison (guitar), Bubb Gardner (guitar), Vincent Gardner (bass), and Billy Gardner (drums). And each contributes to the Somewhat Damaged sound a different generation (or genre) of sounds and a multitude of emotions. Combined together, you get that distinct SWD sound, a multigenerational powerhouse rock band with something for everyone. Amidst the band members, you will find influences such as; Ozzy, Motley Crue, Queensryche, Metalica, NIN, Korn, Creed, Perfect Circle, Greenday, 3 Doors Down, Dream Theatre, and a Barrage of current commercial rock bands, along with a dab into those extremely hard-ass metal bands. And yes, even some country. Tim McGraw is Jamesfavorite. But one thing all of us pull from, and most of all, is the live shows consistent with the super bands of the 80s. Seeing a band live should be more about the experience, and should be exciting and entertaining; which is why we focus all our efforts into our live performance; to have all who attend go away with a memorable experience. A live show for us is physically draining. One minute we are settling into a bouncing groove on stage, and the next we are out on a table soloing or moshing with the crowd. We did a show once and we were everywhere. I laid my guitar on this kids table and played the solo to one of our songs right in his and his friendsfaces. The following Sunday I saw him at a music store where his dad was buying him his first guitar. When I confronted him, he thanked me because that show inspired him so much that he just had to become a player. He still plays to this day. THAT IS AWSOME! We can only dream of what the future may hold for us. We strive to constantly to put life as we see it into perspective in and through our music, and to give every fan we come in contact with, a sympathetic ear and a break from the harsh realities of life. ITS WHAT WE KNOW. ITS WHAT WE LOVE, and ITS WHAT WE ARE!----------SEE YOU OUT THERE----------- James Crutcher-Somewhat Damaged
Press Release:
For Immediate Release (May 10, 2006): The Band "SomeWhat Damaged" from Houston, TX was featured on one of the internet's best live streaming radio stations, on Monday's (May 8, 2006) "Monday Night Meyhem" radio show. The interview can be read and heard via podcast at A Quote From The Interview: "Somewhat Damaged, or SWD as they are known, is a Houston based powerhouse rock band. They have been getting webplay here on MixxStudios Radio for over 2 weeks and their song is climbing in the Top 10 chart". Source: SLIXSPIN Records - Houston, TX Jake Jacobsen Business Development SLIXSPIN Records