Steve Vansak and the Joe Roberts Band
Location: Merrillville, IN, USA
Description: Hendrixian fuzz meets Springsteen street poetry, with dashes of Foo Fighter melody, U2 passion and a good helping of Black Crowes style roots rock. Playing in the tradition of singer/songwriter rock bands like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
Biography: Artist Information Instrumentation Steve Vansak - vocals, guitar Aaron Yakovetz - bass Zach Malasto - drums, backing vocals Steve Rempis - guitar, backing vocal (live show only) Biography S.B.V. Records 2448 West 63rd Avenue Merrillville, IN 46410 Bookings: 219-985-0353 Singer/songwriter/guitarist Steve Vansak was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, home of steel mills and the Jackson 5. Sandwiched between Chicago and miles of farmland, Vansak experienced many different lifestyles and musical styles. A veteran of the Midwest music scene, his bands have run the gamut from rhythm and blues, folk, Motown soul, pop, and rock. His latest release, "The Other Side of America" is deeply rooted in the classic rock groove, while still sounding comtemporary. The new CD was recorded with the Joe Roberts Band who recorded the blistering album opener "Come Home" in one glorious take. "It was like hitting the "easy button" on a few of these", says Vansak. "Three and half minutes later and bam, this perfect storm has been created. I was very pleased with the band's passion during these sessions". Many of the songs are socially charged and Vansak's guitar skills have never been captured quite like this before. "We set up all these old, vintage amps and just went to town", he says. "This is an album for fans of vinyl records, young and old. Musically, we went for analog warmth. Lyrically, the same characters show up in different songs at various stages of their lives. There are many layers to uncover in these songs should the listener choose to do so". The group brings the passion from studio to stage playing new songs Heavy Stuff (a rocking tribute to social changers past and present) and Brooklyn's House (a fun and incredibly catchy song about a house party) along side the folk rock of "Rocks and Bone" (from A Different Road) and funk rock of Testify (from the debut Permanent Red). "The Other side of America" (as well as the older titles) is available at all the major download stores such as iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster and more. The real find is the vinyl like CD release, with it's photo filled lyric book and a written introductory of each track from Vansak, who is the sole author of all the songs. "You've got to give people more than they bargained for", states Vansak. "That's our philosophy in the studio as well as onstage". Website Discography The Other Side of America - May, 2006 A Different Road - August 2002 Permanent Red - April 1997 (re-released with bonus tracks in 2003) Track "Back To Indiana" featured on Late Show with David Letterman 11/04 Track "Rocks and Bone" becomes a regular feature on Night Rock radio on Midwest rock station X-ROCK 103.9 07/04 Track "I Reach Out" wins Adaptec song contest and bundled with their "Born To Burn" CD authoring software, reaching 10,000 listeners. 06/98 All albums on iTunes and most major download sites.
Press Release:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SBV Records 219-985-0353 EPK: New Steve Vansak CD "The Other Side of America" to be released Spring 2006 Gary, IN 04/28/06 - The third album release from indie rock artist Steve Vansak is scheduled for release on Tuesday, May 9th - 2006. The 12 - track CD "The Other Side of America", was recorded with the Joe Roberts Band (Steve Vansak - vocals / guitars, Aaron Yakovetz - bass, Zach Malasto - drums) at Willow Tree Recording in Kouts, IN. Guests include Time Peace vocalist Robby Celestin on two tracks and keyboardist Waz from Freek Johnson. The rock album is an intense, guitar heavy look at the current state of American life and the often unsung tales of everyday strife. "It is not an album about politics." says Vansak. "These are songs about people, where they are going and where they've been. It is also music that you can play good and loud." The album will be released locally to independent music stores in NW Indiana and Illinois and receive International distribution via the artist's website ( and online stores Best Buy and Tower Records. The album will then join his previous two releases (A Different Road and Permanent Red) at digital music stores like Apples i-Tunes / Sony Connect / eMusic / Rhapsody / MusicMatch / Napster /AudioLunchbox and many more. The band is currently auditioning a second guitarist for planned live dates to support the CD. Details will be announced separately. 'The Other Side of America' track listing: 1. Come Home 2. King / Queen 3. Heart of the City 4. Heavy Stuff 5. Brooklyn's House 6. Angelina 7. The Other Side of America 8. The Patriots 9. 315 East Dixieland Avenue 10. Living In Me 11. Devil In Me / Angel In You 12. You Can Never Come Home From the SonicBids Press Kit: Hendrixian fuzz meets Springsteen street poetry, with dashes of Foo Fighter melody, U2 passion and a good helping of Black Crowes style roots rock. Playing in the tradition of singer/songwriter rock bands like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the group appeals to rock fans of all ages. ###