Location: Chicago, Il, U.S.A
Description: mid tempo// rhythmic, bright and dreamy// electronica
Biography: Sunchannel is the musical project of artist Michele Wortman. In the mid 90's Michele did projection performances of abstract macro-scapes colorfully melting and morphing into one another. The show was often mixed to music featuring tracks from the Orb, F.S.O.L, and various Fax compilations. As these performances continued Michele realized she needed to produce her own sound to make the vision more complete. In 2000 she got some gear and began to explore her "inner ear." Her two current releases, Moments of Epiphany and Tune In are reflections of this effort.
Press Release:
Proton press is pleased to announce the arrival of Sunchannel's debut release Tune in, an engaging 19 track electronic journey of bright sounds and rhythmic beats. Sunchannel has been described as "space age" and "dreamlike" by many of its listeners. The CD packaging is a beautiful 8 panel eco-pak showcasing Michele Wortman's visionary photography. Tune into Sunchannel and order your copy today!