The Wizard
Location: Hernando, Florida, U.S.A
Description: Song writer_perfromer
Biography: Since 1972 the Wizard has written and performed in the New York City and Florida area. For many years he worked in TV where he changed the things that TV did and the way it was presented for all time.... He introduced the first video single in America, beating Sony to the punch, and during his time in TV he invented and developed the infomercial. His music is deeply moving with soild lyrics and messages as well as beautiful melodies. His first Album, "The Grey Wizard Am I" has become a collector's item going for as much as $1000.00 in Mint condition. You can find out more about the Wizard, and hear up to 12 songs at
Press Release:
After 37 years in TV I've returned to my music roots and am finally submitting songs I kept to muyself and friends...... Listen in and see if I made the right choice....