Third Wish
Location: Camden, Arkansas, U.S.A
Description: Third Wish is a hard rockin', heavy metal blues band with a unique twist yet somewhat familiar feel. Poised and ready to release the magically energetic and highly explosive guitars and vocals backed with a powerful rythmic bacbone.
Biography: Third Wish Third Wish is a hard rock, heavy metal to blues band with a unique twist, yet somewhat familiar feel. Poised and ready to release the magically energetic and highly explosive guitars and vocals backed with a powerful rhythmic backbone. Third Wish has something to say lyrically as well. Pointing out the way things really are and the way they ought to be, sometimes funny, occasionally blue, but always on track of life's ironic twists and turns. Third Wish is: -Lance Reynolds - Lead guitar and lead vocals -Sean Demoss- Bass Guitar and backing vocals -Tony Blevins - Drums & Backing Vocals So come on a journey only they can take you on and witness the powerful songwriting magic of Third Wish and their latest release from smokin' lamp records "Careful What U Wish 4". Third Wish can be seen live and on previously recorded shows on their web site:
Press Release:
Third Wish has done it again As difficult as it may be to believe, the rock band Third Wish has come out with a great follow up to their debut album “Y”. Their latest release, “Careful What U Wish 4", features Lance Reynolds at the vocal helm, with a powerful wide range of subtle to highly explosive energies. Poised and ready to release on a deprived, starving, hungrier than ever “Rock’n’Roll” public. Third Wish bears witness to the new and in your face hard rockin’, heavy metal to blues music and lyrical song writing magic of Tony Blevins and Lance Reynolds. Third Wish was founded in the late 80's by Tony Blevins, who soon joined forces with Lance Reynolds. Together they honed their song writing skills, combining powerful musicianship with spirited lyrics. Third Wish produced and released their first CD “Y” in 1996 to critical acclaim, but was cut short by a 5 year deliberation with their record company who failed to release the CD world wide. Hind sight being 20/20, Blevins and Reynolds stood to make a lot more money because they produced the album themselves and their record company dropped the ball so to speak. Seven years of hard work, touring, changing line-ups and frustration took it’s toll on Blevins and Reynolds and they both took a 2 year hiatus from music only to realize even more what they had with Third Wish. Reunited and hungrier than ever, Blevins and Reynolds have put talent and advancing technology together and have released their new album “Careful What U Wish 4" under their own record label, Smokin’ Lamp Records. Confident that great music will always rise to the top and that the record industry’s greed has destroyed artistry in music for a few dollars more, Third Wish will stay with the independent underground music seen which will soon be the larger music industry in their opinion. “The artist can control every aspect of their music now, which is the way it should be for true expression” said Blevins. Third Wish’s web site address is and on the site people can download the first 2 albums in mp3 format, individual songs for $.99 or the entire album for $6.99. People wanting to purchase the physical CD can click on the cdbaby link on the site or go to and search for Third Wish. Third Wish is also available on,,, Apple iTunes and Verizon Wireless. Third Wish has added a welcome friend and new bass player Sean Demoss to the line up and is planning to start it’s own video podcast of live shows featuring the first 2 albums and also feature songs from their new upcoming album release due out later on this summer and the first preview will be available on their web site. They will also feature other talent from Arkansas in the near future. Third Wish will also be offering prerecorded video footage and DVD’s from their web site in the near future. So stay tuned and get ready because Third Wish is back and in better than ever form to keep you entertained and ever guessing, what are they gonna do next?