Toxic Virgin
Location: Krefeld, Germany, Germany
Description: Hardrock / Melodic metal band from Krefeld / Germany
Biography: Toxic Virgin stand for pure rock music, boundless energy, catchy refrains and acclaimed live gigs. In short: hard'n heavy music which is a lot of fun and covers the whole range of heavy rock. Toxic Virgin have been together since 1995 and published four CDs (Love Rocket EP 1999 , Toxic Virgin CD 2000 , Circle of Power CD 2001 , Sulphur CD 2004 ) which received excellent reviews in musical publications and were highly acclaimed all over the world. . The live concerts of the five musicians from Krefeld, Germany, ( f.e. together with STATUS QUO,THERAPY?,DOG EAT DOG, DORO PESCH or BONFIRE ) attract and convince audiences all over Germany and even abroad. Such qualities as a live-band also granted them their twice repeated participation in the finals of the German Rock Musicians Awards. Toxic Virgin embody a lifestyle and not a short-lived fashion. In other words: Rock'n roll is coming home!
Press Release:
Melodic Hardrock Today ( Denmark) Circle Of Power is the title of Toxic Virgin`s second album. Toxic Virgin has been a band since 1995 they started their recording career with an EP called Love Rocket in 1999. The EP was followed up with their debut album, Toxic Virgin, 2000. The five musicians from Krefeld in Germany have since the start gotten great feedback from reviewers around the world, they have also climbed to the finals of the Germans Rock Musicians Awards twice. The band is a great live band and have been touring with artists like Doro Pesch, Bonfire+++. Toxic Virgin play as they say themselves, pure rock, and they do it like they never have done anything else. I ask myself when I hear such a great band and songs, why this band are yet unsigned!. I think Toxic Virgin musically plays Melodic hardrock/ metal/ AOR and if you take a dose of Motley Crue mixed with some other bands like Dokken, Axe, Fm, you come close up the style they are playing. Broken Wings is the opener and after a nice intro it kicks of with real life. It`s a real classic hard rock song, with sing along refrain, great guitar solo and nice singing from Markus Litsch. Toxic Virgin gives us thirteen self written songs, the CD has fine variety, nice sound and production. Just listen to songs like Restless Heart, who is more AOR related, the fourth song Waiting For The Rain, a real rocker and this shows us the variety on this album. Until The End is the first ballad on the album, give this song some playing time on radio and you have a hit very soon. There are few week points on this CD and I understand why Toxic Virgin has got great reputation as a live band. I`m sure these songs also rock live, not only on CD. I wish this band the best in the future and that they soon will be picked up by a record company, so people through the whole world can hear this great band.